Bugatti Chiron Exhaust SOUND!!

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The sound of the new Bugatti Chiron! Watch the car unleash 1500HP from its quad-turbo W16 engine up the Goodwood hillclimb. Enjoy!

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Norman Deon Dutta says:

This thing's a spaceship on road

Daud Butt says:

Aahhhhhhh that fucking bugatti my dream

Lobos Clan's says:


WholeLottaMiata 69 says:

I wish it was louder, but it is supposed to be a luxury car

Wulan Bus Mania says:

Tractor sound?

Filetsteak says:

The vw golf of my grandpa sounds better than this

Developer Peace says:


bobbybrainstorm says:

Not gonna lie I think there are better sounding cars than the chiron

eko triyulianto says:

Kesini gara2 raffi ahmad nyobain bugatti chiron..pengen denger soundnya doooong…

KillerKlown690 says:

It looks so big but yet it's so small lol

Jesus Munoz says:

If yall wondering why a dirtbike is louder than the buggati its bc it's a luxury car mix with exotic but imagine if it was straight piped and rich people elegant don't want a super loud car ykyk

Bobi Freeride says:

Sorry to say this but it sounds like a disel truck without mufflers.

Владимир Новохацкий says:

I have bugatti chiron.

StratomotiveAR says:

1:40 what car is that

Murcielago SV says:

Brutal sound!!!\ ©®¢¶¶§

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