Bugatti Chiron parking too close to a G63 AMG ($3 million Hypercar)

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I was surprised to see how close a $3 million dollar hypercar can be parked.

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Dominic G says:

What a idiot


My anxiety level just broke the roof

Cory Ciller says:

I cant wait to get a 2000 dollar car in a year lmao

熊野風花 says:


Callum Bell says:

Jesus could you not it makes people like me feel like we.are so poor so fuck of

Iron Gaming says:

Seems like the bugatti don’t want to see the AMG’ butt

Aswad Dhni says:

I love buggati

Hiro says:

Lol that made me shout "stop!!"

Hailey-Jade Leonardo Castro says:

Imagine a 3 million dollar car parking super close to ur car like that but it’s a Noire..if the Chiron hit u they gotta pay ur damage..image Noire is a car worth about 10-19 million dollars…

Raamish The Dyslexic says:

Bro what is this Tory level shit fam get this cral put of here

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