Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport – First Drive!

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How is this Chiron different to the others? The Pur Sport is made for drifting and cornering! This is the day I fell in love with the Chiron. So smooth but so unbelievably powerful. It has gone in to my top 3 cars to drive. Big thanks to Frank, the Deputy Design Director for showing us around, and to Andy, the official Bugatti Test Driver, who recently broke the world speed record!!

The full review of the Pur Sport is here:


UGUR1977 says:

09:11 brank sound remove it 🙂

Shinoraze says:

Now get a Bugatti 🙌🙌🙌

Shinoraze says:

Awesome. I was waiting for this day. You did it 🙌

Greggson Wong says:

4:11 X-Wing or XRP hehe

Lukas Abaravicius says:

Blondie's review of Bugatti, while driving personal Mclaren in the background ;D

futuristic says:

Frank and Andy obviously LOVE Supercar Blondie and support her channel all the way, good to see love these 2 guys 🙂

Music Music says:

She can sell hot wheels car for a million dollars.

shahrul nizam says:

wow super hot

Adhikesh says:

Malayali hearing the name 👀🤫

Jovan Carbonilla says:

If Ms. Blondie could just read my DM to her on Instagram, it will bring me to tears. 😢

SpaceMA X says:

Did you see that bernie in 9:26?

Manos Tripakis says:

Guys i didn't understood how from yellow BUGATTI she drives blue BUGATTI

da dae says:

damon fryer would love to drift that bugatti

Jeff Smith says:

Beautiful car your doing a great job showing us these beautiful cars

That flipping chicken says:

This Bugatti Vs McLaren 765lt on the 1/4 mile strip.

Eugene Ongeti says:

How many people clicked here after watching the divo video

Miguel Solaz says:

This car its so beautiful i LOVE it

Brandon Grantham says:

Literally got the coolest job😎🔥


in my dreams i wish i have 1 of which the supercars

Riziki Steven says:


Roger Mdz says:

Wow, 😍🤯🥰

Ram Walker says:

Love the pink hair my girlfriend has blue

Nick K says:

must be better than sex

Kyle Farrell says:

Did yall see those camels at the watering hole? Crazy

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