Bugatti Chiron Sport Causes Chaos in Central London

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Bugatti Chiron Sport Causes Chaos in Central London

Hello my friends and welcome back to the channel!
Yesterday I filmed this brand new $3.2mln Bugatti Chiron Sport around Central London.In this video you can see a people reaction at this hypercar, a exterior review, start up sound and some driving scenes around Central London.
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Prince Yadav says:

The loud aventador tried its best but could not do anything in front of a silent chiron

rertrie zendoff says:

My butt causing chaos in the restroom

Soares X says:

Migrants in UK

so easy to recognise Migrants in England with supercars

نواف ف says:

يقلد يزيد الراجحي

Mustang Law says:

Meanwhile in Supercar Owners' Whatsapp group:

Guys, please avoid coming to Baker Street, there's a Chiron there, and no one will look at ours.

Mustang Law says:

Urus owner: Good morning London!! I'm gonna have so many people take my car's picture today!
5 mins later – sees Chiron ermm, guess it's not my day today.

Milko says:

nahh ugly design for me, prefer Ferrari or Lambo

Max azangu says:

Here in Dubai we are so used to this even police cars are of this kind

Jace Johnson says:

3:58 – I heard that "excuse me mate" and moved out the way. I thought someone was behind me.

Jace Johnson says:

3:22 Aventador guy had to rev to get attention that the Bugatti stole from him. Poor guy.

K M says:

First time I've seen anyone change the color around the light trim

Bob Marley says:

Looks like a possible batmobile in the future

Be Honest says:

Beware of this UK scammer : Sammy Dale ( nick name Sam Dean ), owner of white Bentley 00100SD and RR X11XRR. This man scammed us in fish pedicure trading. Total money scammed was USD 3514.50 ( his instagram was mrsammydee, changed to mr.essdee and luxxorr_ ). He used his company called Smilegroup Sweden AB to scam us.

Lights Shades says:

😂😂😂 Y'all livin the dream life, Makin 100 pictures of the car. Just google Chiron 😂

Charlotte Bingham says:

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Mr Tamizhan says:

Oil money 💴 🍻 cheers

Mr Tamizhan says:

Ooooo it’s from Qatar 🇶🇦 I’m here in Qatar 🇶🇦

Mo Ha says:

Thats Pop smokes car

Joe Black says:

Everything makes chaos in Central London..

MINERIN ,_, says:

Mel igualzinha a do Forza Horizon 4

Jean michel Roupette says:

Omg its amazing

Rosegold Beats says:

internet: ugly ass car

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