BUGATTI Chiron Super Sport – "LE CADEAU"

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Ever since the first CHIRON entered the scene, it has been the embodiment of performance, power, and comfort. Now, with the CHIRON Super Sport, we are following our long tradition of combining extreme high speed with absolute luxury, to offer a whole new dimension of the BUGATTI experience. The CHIRON Super Sport is BUGATTI’s ultimate Grand Tourisme.

With its longtail streamlined design and the power output of 1,600 PS, the CHIRON Super Sport represents the essence of what what BUGATTI stands for and honors the Super Sport line nine decades after its birth. The CHIRON Super Sport is the fastest series production hyper sports car with its top speed of 440 km/h.


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Fuel consumption, l/100km: not subject to Directive 1999/94/EC as it does not yet have type approval.


Miguel Solaz says:


Helder Almeida says:

literally had my hairs in the hair. Hats off to the director of this commercial and everyone involved with it.

ผู้ชาย ห้ามดู says:

I love bugatti 🥰🥰🥰

Spencer Bean says:

Happy birthday hope you like your present you bought it

Casol says:


Jayalekshmi TV says:

It was a next level ad.I'm 100% sure no one can beat Bugatti in World's fastest car. Bugatti is a legendary brand, this thing make me a big fan of Bugatti.I am a true Bugatti lover. That's my dream car.

Pricopi Stefan says:

TITLE: Things 99% of you won't be able to afford. PS. Even the swatch xD…maybe you can afford a 100:1 model…still maybe

Ahmad Abdul Quddus says:

YouTube is dirt

Tuesday Thunder says:

I don't know how but one day I will own this car 😋

김철호 says:

Jaguar xk150, xj13, cx-75, xkss,x type It would be good to make it with reference. It is a good design to make and sell the same. I don't know why Jaguar doesn't make it these days. I hope other brands make it and make design history.

John Jardinico says:

sr can u make a bugatti suv

trappedcousin says:


Benjamin Franklyn says:

Cool ad,now can I get one for free?I'm a broke boy.

Rasto Mahdal says:

*🔝🎁*… 🙇🏻‍♂️

MrBoat says:

Do you want Bugasti to open a showroom or sell it in Thailand because Thai people like Rubugasti very much?

Allam Auzam Ahmed says:

bugatti always impresses.

Vin Diesl says:

Awesome. Well done. Just like a movie. Best part 1:371:58 😀. Anybody knows the music title or music composer ? Is it Lorne balfe or Hans Zimmer?

김철호 says:

To be honest, wouldn't it be better for energy companies to directly produce eco-friendly gasoline rather than electric vehicles? I think you can make it. Even if the charging time of an electric vehicle is reduced, it is likely to break down, the electricity may be cut off, and even if a driverless car is made, the computer is not secure, but it is a car security problem..

김철호 says:

For driverless cars, security is important. It seems difficult… This is impossible even with a computer. It seems impossible for a driverless car. However, the place where complete security comes from will be the best car brand in 2050..

sssOnPoint says:

I think this car suitable in 007 movie . Not Aston Martin

Glacier Bouy 6ix says:

My Future Wife forgive me but I'll name my Child Bugatti or Ettore or Chiron😭😭

Армен Назарян says:

Аж мурашки по коже))

nizarmatihmlchcjagach mounafir says:

concept car

nizarmatihmlchcjagach mounafir says:

bugatti eb1 evo

Vijaykumar Sheelam says:

World's speed car


Give me car free

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