Bugatti Chiron Top Speed 500 Kh

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Jay Sohal says:

Why did the odometer change in the video

Harmonie C says:

l'année 2019

Kal says:

2060 be like :
New world record – 1500 KM/H

Rech Narcisz 28 says:

The russians be like at 1:33 :this piece of shit does not go faster

طومواك / Tomowak says:

name of music please 😣

Burak Arslan says:

Arabayla ahirette yolculuk yaparsınız

ciosac certao pe bepi says:

A volks e foda

Hasif Hilmi says:

Fun fact: The Chiron cannot reach 500 that fast

ExT TheMarv says:

Thats in a game🤦🏼‍♂️, in Real Life He cant reach it because it's shit and the tires are Shit too

kchinnapat1_RBLX says:

Who says "fake" i'll dislike that comment

Oza BAYAR says:

Uçak mübarek TR<3

Hassan Aljumaia says:

Man I want to see the street 😂 at 500

Абдуллазиз Тохиров says:

Машина не так просто поднимается на верх он тупа перёд идёт здесь но в рялности машина иногда сбывает скорасти

Necxus Infinit says:


Joan Kzy says:

Moto dodge tamawhk : 640 km/h

Mohsin Khan says:


Dawid says:

This is actually fake, chiron can only run 420 km/h max speed because computer blocks to go more

Elektro Büyücü • 31 yıl önce says:

This not real this is gran tourismo 6 game

W4 CHIRON says:

Nasi tu są <3

ЧИТЕР 999 says:


hugo says:

Les Françaice reste les meilleurs

hugo says:

Alors c'est qui les meilleurs

Serox says:

So all of you idiots here, That is video posted 1 year ago, And Bugatti is going 491 KM/H Just search Bugatti Chiron and you will see it

This video is fake, If it was real they would show What is around the car so its fake, You idiots

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