Bugatti Chiron v F1 Car: DRAG RACE

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Thanks to Shaz for bringing his Chiron –
Thanks to Red Bull Racing for bringing the RB7 –
Thanks to Ciro for setting up this race –


Get ready for our greatest drag race EVER… Bugatti Chiron vs Red Bull F1 Car!!

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you, but the stats on both of these cars are out of this world! Starting with the Chiron, it’s powered by a humungous 8-litre quad-turbo W16, which pumps out an astronomical 1,500hp & 1,600Nm of torque! It’s pretty heavy though, weighing in at 1,995kg.

And then we come to the F1 car. This is no ordinary F1 car though – it’s the 2011 world-championship winning RB7! Powered by a 2.4-litre naturally-aspirated V8, it can put down 750hp. Think it’s therefore at a disadvantage compared to the Chiron’s huge W16? Well don’t forget it’s built out of carbon fibre and weighs just 650kg!

Trust us, this one is NOT to be missed! But do you think the Chiron has a chance? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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Mat Watson Cars says:

Hi Mat here: did you expect this vid? Pls suggest some others in the comments and dare to dream. It appears we can make anything happen! 😂

Chef says:

Chiếc f1 top speed tầm ~ 400 ,còn bugati thì hơn 400 mà phải đường dài mới rút đc

BAn b says:

When he said 750 hp with 650kg … that's when I stopped watching … 🤣


That is insane!!! Might want to watch the Bugatti series race which is Divo ,Veyron and also Chiron. Mat ,go for it!!!

Francis Tindale says:

if it had been longer the Chiron has 30-40mph over the F1

Muhammad IKhsan says:

F1 v8 2.4 Sound like

Flow Motion says:

A 10 year old F1 car… And in the curves the F1 car would win either.

Бог Отац says:

Ig of owners bugatti?

Ethan F. says:

Use as safety car.

diss 613 says:

Bugaty have a trash in left seat post

Argie Catubig says:

why'd you use kg. in mass but not kph in speed?

URSoDead2Me says:

But think about this…for the Bugatti to only be that far behind at the end is pretty amazing actually. You're talking about an F1 car and it beat that street car by what, a few car lengths? I honestly thought it was going to be worse.

Leigh Hubble says:

P.o.v your the guy who buys a 62 and a ½ million pound car so you can beat a buggati😂

grikgod says:

Great vid. The Bugatti coming back for the mile was surprising… It just keeps gaining speed.
Let Matt drive! Also why have two people in the Bugatti, you just added weight to an already heavy car.

Miguel Velasco says:

And it doesn't have the DRS open

Go Getta says:

Do the f1 vs 911 turbos s i bet Porsche win

Suhaimi Fariz says:

Work experience Dave looks like he knows a thing or two about F1. He should join F1 and join that other rookie Fernando Alfonso in the race

matt says:

That Shaz guy is an absolute awkward looking prick

Steve Garcia says:

the f1 has to brake on a dime, pull up to 3g's on the corners, accelerate like a bat out of hell, for hours on end. the chiron is a walking dinosaur compared to a f1. asking it to run straight lines with the f1 is the most you can ask for. giving it a mile to catch up is akin to an old girlfriend doing drive byes after you've moved on with another woman.

Zak Zwijn says:

F1 cars are in a league of their own. Bugatti has higher top speed though.

Magic. Mac says:

Did somebody actually believed the race will go otherwise …

Anabolic Cars says:

Shaz gotta be worst driver on carwow wow

Dylan Gill says:

Bugatti Chiron 300+ vs ken bloc mustang v2

Bhanu Pratap Singh says:

That face when you spend £2.5 M but still lose all the drag race on track day.. 😅😅😅😅

Carol Ruvlacaba says:

I reckon a Porsche 911 turbo s could beat that

Ákos Farkas says:

Funny thing, this Red Bull F1 car has a Renault power unit, but they put Honda logos on it because they are their actual engine supplier.. 😀

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