Bugatti Chiron Vs Devel Sixteen |Cars Battle

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Hello everyone! Watch this great battle between Bugatti Chiron Vs Devel Sixteen. Please leave your comments, suggestion, ideas, feedback! Thanks!


Music: Exhilarate – Kevin MacLeod


GameKnight772 MCPE says:

You do realize the devil sixteen is fake.

Edit: The car is just a shell. The Chiron deserves better,

Thumai Pham says:

Tôi like cho bugatti

Branko Weber says:

Devel Sixteen Such Better Than Bugatti Chiron

william Toumah says:

Devel sixteen is the best for me

Chhaya Aggarwal says:

I like buggati very much

Hassiel Ramirez says:

This kid is liar

Evan Teague says:

Do they not realize that the devel 16 is just a shell of a car it’s not even real and plus Bugatti is a way better company and the Chiron is better in every aspect

Maggi LP says:

Bugatti chiron is the best

belqes hasan says:

i am faster then that car

Frederik Just Hansen says:


tam see says:


Frederik Just Hansen says:

Bugatti chiron is much better

Fugerative Gaming says:

I want Buggati Chiron!

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