Bugatti Chiron vs Hennessey Venom F5

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HACKD 69 says:

This car proved that no one can ever beat the US.

Lu Mqu says:

bruh dis rip off

Dipstick says:

That v8 be like fast as FCK boiiiii

DRIP giorno Giovanna says:

I heard that there are going to be new really fast cars in 2031 and I’m building them so you gotta build quick because I don’t know if your going to have time so gotta build quick because these cars will be 2000 mph and a little lower and even higher but there will be drag race mode sport mode street mode and other cool things added to them and building some springbonnie suits

TCP Crxpticz says:

Bugatti Chiron 304 mph venom f5 301 and Bugatti has more horsepower so Bugatti obviously wins Bugatti Chiron is the fastest car in the world

Krishan Singh says:

Bugatti Charon is better

Kamil Skierski says:

Wen I have 7 years old i think Bugatti Chiron is the best car, but now when i have 9 years i think the best is Hennessey venom f5.

Kamil Skierski says:

Hennessey venom f5 win!!!
Who with me?


Buggati is best

Will Leonard says:

Im disappointed Hennessey didnt do their 300+mph run before Bugatti… the Chiron just hit 304mph! Im hoping John was being serious when he said the base model would do over 300mph with 1600~hp and the top speed car would do over 310mph because that would be insane

Ramune101 says:

Hennessy venom f5 is slower
Because Bugatti Chiron goes in 500 kmh
Means 310 mph
Hennessy venom f5 is 301 mph

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