Bugatti chiron vs Hennessey Venom GT 2017

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2018 Hennessey Venom F5 VS Bugatti chiron

Kante Srinivas says:

my vote goes to my lovely bugatti chiron

Aaron Perilla says:

The winner is the bugatti chiron cause it has more 400-450-500 plus koenigsegg is not luxury

Big Jay says:

Will someone ever finally get balls enough to actually race the two of them against each other????

A.j. siddiqui says:

Airplane of road

قناة مراد عجيبي says:

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

Paulo Cesar da Cunha says:

Bugatti always, performace, comfort, style, everything bugatti own …

Никита Мирный says:

хзхз ребятки, в Хеннесси сидеть не видно, а в бугатти лакшери, корч построить не трудно

Kano aro says:


shereen shokry says:

You said 2017 and the henessy venom f5 is out on the streets you lier

Ducksauce says:

the f5 just debuted claiming it capable of the 300 mark.

J MjR says:

The feeling of driving other super cars it's totally different to compare feeling you can get in Chiron you just feel comfortable passionate safe and embraced with luxuries the breath taking road stability acceleration power of pulling ooooh my God Chiron is just the devil on the road the most exciting is that it's more like normal road car according to its design but well it's dual machine I respect Bugatti than any other super car

lingish shanmugam555 says:

there's another video of this showing a supra beside this chiron to take the video

AlexMustang says:

They probably filmed the Chiron with a Supra 😂😂😂😂

adam adamowski says:

Hennessey Venom f5

- says:

Hennessy Venom and Koenigsegg that what you call a real pro not like a Buggatti a fat dude riding with no gear on 😂

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