Bugatti Chiron vs Kawasaki ninja h2r!| Acceleration top speed sounds comparison statistics

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Hello guys!
Today is Kawasaki Ninja H2R vs Bugatti Chiron!

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Lavacub PlaysRoblox says:

About same speed I thonk

Hafiy Gaming malaysia says:

Kawasaki H2R is the winner

Andrew Stovall says:

The videos aren’t even h2r’s

•Nicolas - Kawasaki• says:

Kawasaki ninja h2r:

0-100 kmh 2,5 sec

0-200 kmh 6,2 sec

0-300 kmh 14,6 sec

0-400 kmh 26 sec

Bugatti chiron:

0-100 kmh 2,5 sec

0-200 kmh 6,5 sec

0-300 kmh 13,6 sec

0-400 kmh 36 sec

0-500 kmh 49 sec

İronhorse 46 says:

O bir Türk Kenan Sofuoğlu 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 allahım bizede nasip eder inşallah vekilim bir h2. Bizimkisi r sız olsada olur 😇

Rodrigues says:

Man that buggati IS Veyron SS not chiron


2 WHEELS OWNERS must be Ashamed of theirselves , because A STOCK CORVETTE C8 beat H2R in 1/4 Mile Drag Race .


BUGATTI CHIRON ALL DAY , IT IS 500 KM/H , and H2R is 400 KM/H and if this TOY Against CHIRON SPORT it I will be 550 KM/H so HR2 is NOTHING Comparing to Any Car Even CORVETTE , H2R has beaten by Stock C8 CORVETTE in 1/4 Mile .


H2R is NOTHING , 2 Wheels is NOTHING Comparing to 4 Wheels , and 2 Wheels is The Best Way to Die , Very Slow , Very Cheap , also Poor only can Buy it .

bernabe rangel says:

Ora si toooooing🏍🏍🏍🏍🚘🚘🚘

Ronny Simanjuntak says:

Its in Indonesians

burhan özkan says:


Liam Grant says:

Love the sound of the Kawasaki ninja’

Sói Blue_VN says:

Kawasaki ninja H2R vs Bugati divo

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