Bugatti Chiron: What It's REALLY Like To Drive Properly – Carfection (4K)

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Just before the world gets to see the Bugatti Divo Henry Catchpole went to Molsheim to drive the one and only Bugatti Chiron to see how it really drives, when driving properly on some challenging roads by someone who knows what they are doing.
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Carfection says:

We hope you like our latest film on the Chiron. We can only keep doing this if enough of you watch and share this so please like, subscribe, hit the bell 🔔 icon and above all Enjoy!

Dominic Kelly says:

between 1.40 and 2.00 you talked yourself out of a job.. not much point in listening to the rest of what you cant explain about the car?

J Nijs says:

Things like that little detour, background information in the video with Andy Wallace and the fact that you can just see Henry's pasion for cars in the video's is what makes Carfection so much more intresting to watch than a lot of other automotive channels on Youtube! Keep up the good work! (or maybe it's just the car… would be a dream come true if I ever got the chance to drive one).

Lifted_Above says:

As a motorcycle enthusiast, wish there was a channel putting out this sort of quality for the motorcycling public. But I enjoy all things with engines.

Raghav Singhal says:

Anyone watching the first match of IPL 2019, RCB Please cross the 100 mark at least. 😭🙏

1 like = 1 wish for them to win.

Robert Mitchell says:

Now that you mention that I shouldn't lick a Bugatti Chiron, makes me want to lick it even more than before. (it never crossed my mind before)

Boi says:

Look on the bright side, he didnt have to experience ww2

lee zimby says:

My three year old was watching some kid on YouTube open toys. That kid has 30 million subscribers and that video had almost 100 million views. And this video has just over 500k. How is this even possible

Robert Lingley says:

Carfection + Henry + Chiron = Perfection.

Mooli Morano says:

I wonder how much he have to pay in order to review those cars :*(

Rory Wheeldon says:

Loved the homage to Mr Bugatti at 3.20, beautifully done. Thankyou Henry.

Pathetic Gamer says:

What is the country in which he is driving

Aryan C says:

I really love your style of making such beautiful videos, what camera equipment and software do you use?

Vitor Gonçalves says:

I couldn’t hold my smile from the moment that he putted on race mode

nenmeu2 says:

Bugatti Chiron is very beautiful.

jeeper says:

Just what we need ' some spoiled rich _wat putting peoples life at risk. While driving at 200 mph

david mcarthur says:


Simon Ward says:

It’s a pity the designers didn’t think more about the placement of the vehicle registration plate on the front of the car. It just looks so wrong and tacky where it is – just an afterthought.

wendell worth says:

Jeez, another video of some joker driving it fast and around corners. Just what we needed. Is there anyone left who has not done such a video? What I would like to see, is how it handles city traffic and streets when you are going grocery shopping, and using it as a daily driver.

Dark3stLight4U says:

This car has been electronically limited to 261, but as soon as they find the right whatever they need this car is easily going to hit 290 to 300

Just wait

Va B says:

The question is : will there be a buyer clever enough to get the engine a full stage 3 with decat straight pipes?

wake up and smell the coffee today says:

The opposite of this kind of video is the piece of crap selfie type videos of Shmee.

Anonymous says:

2:14 The odometer reads 21,205 km. All the Bugatti Chiron's that ever will be delivered to customers combined will never travel the distance this press car has at this point. Somewhat of a useless review really.

vinay nams says:

When the Veyron was being tested nobody said it was not good at corners!
Now that you have the next Gen car you demean the Veyron….so that people want to buy this one!!
Next will be a car that takes off and you will say Chiron was shit!

Mauser says:

Absolutely stunning visuals. I have no idea how I did not know about this channel before!!!

Gayle Thompson says:

Great, great video!!!!!

Masiul Alam says:

All those lush green trees left the chat

Shannon says:

And sex was forever ruined for Harry Catchpole.

You best work yet.

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