Bugatti Divo vs lamborghini Aventador SVJ reveal

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Bugatti Divo vs lamborghini Aventador SVJ reveal. Plz like and subscribe for more content. #bugatti, #Divo, #Lamborghini, #Aventodor, #svj, #Aventodorsvj, #sound, #tuned, #fast, #carloves, #supercars, #hypercars, #carlife


Mr. LONELY says:

Oque me impressiona nesses carros e a largura e o comprimento e muito grande

Rocco Kammer says:

Bruh let’s be honest lamborghinis are overused. When a kid sees any sports car; LoOk At ThAt LaMbOrGhInI

Leena Anand says:

I love buggati

Saman valiyev says:


Seth Cooper says:

Can t coose


Bugatti divo

gabhu lopz says:

Lamborghini gana!!!!❤❤❤

Sabrina Conte says:

que es eso🤑🤑🏍️🤯🏖️⛱️🏅🎖️🏁

Jyotirmaya Mishrs says:

The only difference is one is 10 times costlier than other

Carlos Andrade says:


Dubravko Brcko says:


zau zam says:

Lamborghini is the best one😍😍

Andrei Bungianu says:

Așa da 😎😎😎

Ale Arias says:

Me gusta mas el laborghini

tony william says:

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angelo de guzman says:


dilan javier says:

O el bugatti



fans de jurassic world says:

This green is for antrax youtuber mexican

Nino Brown says:

What a waste of time

Abul Kalam says:

Lamborgini is best

Kanan gogra says:

I go with buggarti divo

ImPerfect BuffaLo says:

who thinks techno gamerz will have one some day . Like

Romi Roldan says:

Facherito 😎

Gaming Dragon VR says:

I'd choose the aventidor

Gemanie Grant says:

Bugatti looks better

pupg gameing says:

Lambor is lambor

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