Bugatti Races the FASTEST Tesla in the World! Model S p100D, Model X, Model 3 Performance.

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Nimer Jardaneh says:

What happened to the tesla roadster

Mr. Pineapple says:

ha Buggati is obviously going to win
Edit: The Tesla has amazing acceleration but it slows down as for the buggati the exact opposite

abin mathew says:

Waiting for tesla roadster vs veyron one day

ncode03 says:

Now, try the Taycan next. Bugatti will sweat

black parrot says:

Tesla pickup is good


Me: Grabs hammer
Mom: What are you doing?
Me: I'm gonna SMASH that like button

ThiagoCamposOfficial says:

Imagine the world champion barely beating a baby and celebrating. Yes, cuz that's how it's gonna look when that baby grows up.

AnotherSKYWALKR says:

Run it back with the Plaid +

Newipadpr0i is me Ok says:

0:13 or 0:14 did he say Tessa instead of Tesla

Gaming with Shadow 8474 says:

His dog is so cute It makes me want to have a dog like that

Deepak Singh says:

do it with roadster

Shan2nu says:

Graham looks like a Tom Cruise – Elon Musk hybrid.

Jose Angel says:

I think they are celebrating very early, telsa has not made the car to race, they are competing with a regular car, well if tesla makes a car to compete racing there I would agree, you gays compete with a stock car

Sima Kayal says:

Tesla model s plaid+ is the fastest tesla with 0-60 in under 1.99 secs

Norbu Boom says:

Tasla. Model s plad 😂

Ashir Hassan says:

I have to say, Elon Musk would ve very unhappy if he sees this.

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