BUGATTI Veyron 16.4 SuperSport World Record

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Bugatti continued the brand tradition of developing Super Sport versions of successful models with the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. The Veyron 16.4 Super Sport expanded the limits of possibility in the automotive sector even further and set new benchmarks.

1,200 hp, a maximum torque of 1,500 Nm, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 415 km/h – these were the performance specs that amazed and inspired experts and car fans throughout the world when this supercar was launched in 2010.

But that wasn’t all. The same year, the Super Sport fulfilled the strict requirements of Guinness World Records and set a new world speed record for road cars of 431.072 km/h. Despite numerous attempts to dethrone the Super Sport from its status as the fastest production supercar, the Bugatti remains unbeaten to this day.

The Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is completely sold out.


Elisângela Plácido says:

Goodman Goodman good

Pro Gamer says:

It is official. Bugatti Veyron is the best car in the world.

Diecast World says:

It's just a legend.


1:09 Am I the only one reading “432” on the instrument but a “431” on the Guinness World Records certificate?

Lizardgod17 says:

Those colors Are so Nice!!

Pika says:

Koenigsegg better -_-

MusclePianist says:

10 years and Veyron is still amazing car

T. says:

That’s a very fast car. Someday, I wouldn’t be surprised if their successor would be called the Chiron and, my prediction is that they will do 304.77mph

Sudarsan Mitra says:


Antonio Lopez says:

I'm gonna get a Bugatti Veyron in the future but for now I'm just a kid 😅😅😅

Erica Rothman says:

If I had this car I would get to school in no time

Xado Voz says:

me when mom comes home and i forgot to do the chores

ItsTofuGamer says:

People who say Tesla is the best because of auto drive
Bugatti fans BOOOOO
Dads: Nissan Frontier SL

FROY says:

Quad turbo chargers???, I think they need to put all the essentials in the back of it like for example the radiator, fluids,electrical and just make the whole front end the engine, I can see 320mph there

Potassium Boy 123 says:

Does anyone want to know the actual highest speed hit by the veyron super sport

Sullivan Deffinger says:

But how do they get those shots that have the camera moving faster than the drone?

Dark and light Cars says:

Fasters Cars bugatti veyron

Morphin says:

Hey Bugatti, can you lend Me A Chiron?

bowserlv100 says:

1:05 432 KM/H !? OMG!

Alex K. says:

This video is only 4 years old but it feels like a generation ago, now that a modified Chiron has passed 490 km/h.

Spectr says:

9 years later chiron ss beats everything

Martin Lorthiois says:

9 years later, Bugatti breaks a new record again !

Silesian Dude says:

sry not now.

ezz pzz says:

why videos like these have no dash cam action or a full video dedicated to the record? this is some montage with music

Drew Harmer says:

Wow that car can go really fast

The Street Racer says:


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