Bugatti Veyron? Opening 52 Mystery Cars from 2007!

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I open up 52 Hot Wheels black-blister Mystery Cars from 2007 searching for the Bugatti Veyron! I test cars on my Track Time channel!

There was a really cool find at 13:05 That ‘tape’ which looks like a band-aid is reportedly a piece of the conveyor belt that transport the models during production.

I opened up a bunch of these surprise Mystery Cars in this other video as well. I got a few Bugatti Veyron’s!

Track Time! I tested the Bugatti Veyron in the boosters. This will jump you right to 15:09

The Bugatti Veyron appeared in PTDD02

Funk Down (Sting) by MK2
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RaceGrooves says:

If I'm letting some diecast go, you can find them here:

Sorry, shipping to USA only.

orange dreem says:

and they said lightning doesn’t strike twice lol

FLUFFY BUDGIE gamer boi says:

Very American

Gabe Collins says:

That’s a lot of veyrons

Arlie Arlie says:


Les Stikbot says:

10:12 "Ghostly, Ghastly? No that's a pokémon i think." Had me dying!

obiedog 16 says:

This dudes channel was my childhood

avb.spotter says:

I have the yellow Veyron opened. In meh condition. The black is wearing off so it's turning almost all yellow aha. Never knew how rare it actually was before hand.

Kevin Encalada says:

You sound exactly like Arthur Morgan, that makes me like the video even more

ImJasonHaio Peaceful day says:

If he spent so much money i wanted to donate 340,000 but i cant because i dont have enough money

robin hodgson says:

nice lot man

robin hodgson says:

lol you sharing any of those 🙂

Jackson The enderman says:

Race grooves was my childhood I used to watch so many of his videos I still watch his videos to this day good times

SniperSplash123 says:

What I like about to duplicates is that you can trade one for a hot wheel you don’t have

Yaal Farhath says:

I won’t to steal that Bugatti veyron

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