Bugatti Veyron SS Vs Hennessey Venom GT Vs Ferrari La Ferrari Vs Koeniggsegg Agera | Drag Race

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Been a while since my last Forza Video but im back with an awesome drag race between 4 of the best supercars currently available to the lucky millionaire’s who can afford them.

This race is a showdown in a standing 1-mile drag race between the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Hennessey Venom, Ferrari La Ferrari and the Koeniggsegg Agera,

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verified_samuri _ says:

My fav car in the world is the Hennessy

Tahmid Zeedan says:

All lies Antiq

antiq says:

Real results:
1st Place – Koenigsegg Agera
2nd Place – Bugatti Veyron
3rd Place – Hennessey Venom GT (stupid car)
4th Place – Ferrari LaFerrari (only one that doesn't do 400kph in the race)

Or if a Chiron was there..

1st Place – Bugatti Chiron
2nd Place – Koenigsegg Agera
3rd Place – Bugatti Veyron
4th Place – Hennessey Venom GT (stupid car)
5th Place – Ferrari LaFerrari (only one that doesn't do 400kph in the race)

Anymore questions?

antiq says:

Agera might win simply cause there was no Chiron in the game.

Abhi Sarkar says:

hennesseney is the fastest

Naman Verma says:

Koeniggsegg is fastest

swift panda says:

Muhammad Nazis YOUR correct

fsggsrr sbgbfsb says:

Who was driving the Hennessy Venom Gt EricShip 111

Muhammed Nazim Shaikh says:

hennessey venom gt is the fastest

mr whippy says:

hennsey venom gt(270 mph)

Spam Is The Best says:

Bullshit bugatti faster than koeniggsegg this game sucks ass i bet veyron can beat agera r irl

John L says:

guys the vemon gt won

Lam rof says:

This doesn't look legit to me . Fucking lair.

Robert Jimenez says:

can you do more of of these versus videos

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