Bugatti VEYRON vs Koenigsegg REGERA | Forza Horizon 3

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Koenigsegg REGERA : 1500hp V8 5.0L 2000N-m 1628kg
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport : W16 8.0L 1200hp 1500N-m 1838kg

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bugatti veyron

irondelle eve says:

Regera best

Karan Senkumar says:

Regera… Koenigsegg always is the best!!!

ConnerSpeed6 says:

Nice, man! Great quality here.

Harlee Jian Marcelo says:

The Bugatti has a smooth sound

Gaming with Saad and Adeeb says:

Bugatti is the best

Gemma* Gutiérrez says:

Koenisegg is the best car in the world??

Jan Ibrahim says:

Koenigsegg Regera ist The best

Marco Ferreira says:

Koenigsegg Regera

Crazy WhiteBoy says:

Only regera

Elba Ortega says:

My boy Christian Konigsegg
is there to build the most awesome cars

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