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For the first time ever, these titans will go head to head in this drag race – it’s the Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren F1.

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Ryu says:

The driver in a white suit looks like he's from Star Wars.

RUSH says:

На Bugatti только на дачу ездить, McLaren для гоночных дел.

Number 45 says:

The F1 is the daddy of all supercars. It was the fastest production car for like ten years and won Le Man multiple times. It was so ahead of its time that even up to this day it is the fastest car with a naturally aspirated engine. The Bugatti might be cool but it’s pretty stupid. Sorry, facts. It was created with the sole purpose to show people that a road car can have 1000 hp and go 400 km/h. On a real track the McLaren would demolish the Bugatti although it came 12 years earlier

vliduu zeeb says:

Love ?? love ?? ?? the video

Danny Colmenares says:

The McLaren F1 is the most powerful car with an atmospheric engine ever, a legendary máster piece… The turbo and NO2 is for pussys….

Nahim's Vlog says:

This is Volkswagen

Prizept Abario says:

Who else seeing this video because of QUARANTINE

ziyad syaikhan says:

1:56 i like that laugh

Umar Ali says:

McLaren F1 doesn't stand a chance

Kirio ! says:

The F1 is not heavy then the Bugatti so it has the head start but the bugatti has a highter top speed that help it catch up to the F1

Super One says:

I still cant believe after all these years theses Mclaren fanboys think in a true race it would actually win….

Not in any race, Zero to whatever speed would the F1 win, Not one, Nor would it win around track, Not any track, And here there gonna say Oh its half the weight, Blah blah blah, I dont understand why you all cant realize the F1 cannot beat the Veyron in any performance category, Its mind numbing people dont get it.

This was staged to its fullest to give the F1 a chance so the race would look better, Even Topgear said it themselves…..YEARS AGO…And yet there are fresh comments saying the F1 can win…….Just wow.


McLaren f1 = Cheetah in Vice City❤️😂😂

Petar Pelajić says:

Mclaren is 26,000,000 dolars
Bugatti is 2,000,000

r0c0ster boi says:

The Bugatti wins in top speed the mclaren wins in acceleration


Let those who love bugatti like it

Jonny Smith says: RS6 with stigs dad driving lol

Mirza Khalid says:

Johnny English VS Mr.Bean – Who is the biggest comedian race 😀

arunavive1 says:

This is car is my favorite car the Bugatti veron

Andrew R says:

Put that on a race track…the bugatti can't handle corners…they are built just for straight lines..

Smart1529 says:

McLaren F1 still the fastest naturally aspirated car in the world. I don't think anything could break that. Still one of the greatest.

Hertz Wave says:

I can't believe some people think this isn't staged.

Jorge Romo says:

Ok jorje rpmoldowa cne cqts its goig too be for porled peopppl and am nou you going tredme liksooco am don habto basenas no badibaws. AAR AITOS ALAHOE RICADO T. T F M AND DAT TROORTEN IF YOUBWWNTS TOO NO SAN W MASAG TOO DAT HOLD PLONET

Eric Lakwod says:

F1 is fab steam

Mr. Kyairey says:

Theyʼve been paid so thatʼs why Bugattits won this race

avtoSerg says:

It takes 16 cylinders and 4 turbo's to beat a car that much older. Definitely not impressed. F1 is best naturally aspirated engine ever

caroman89 says:

McLaren locks much better than bugatti

Redwan Ahmed says:

bugatti is my favourite

Bugatti M'a Rendu Fou says:

Bugatti forever 😍

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