Buying the Cheapest Lamborghini Aventador in the Nation

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Andrew Guillen says:

Strad man can you please respond I was wondering what website you used to buy the Lamborghini

Carl Osle says:

Hey man sup dude

sussushii says:

Why did this pop up on recommended

Gaming with matix says:

Strand man is the best

J h says:

Who's still watching after the airplane crash

Jrodfpv says:

The first mod I would do is also the only mod I would do. Insert me into the driver seat mod and drive

Umxr says:

Little did he know he was going to own another aventador and a Bugatti Veyron

Brad Lecerf says:

Love that color so much for lambos

A H says:

$240,105 (240k)… you’re welcome

Earnest R'meo Escondo says:

Who's here when he put winter tracks on the adventador

Steven McDaniel says:

I know it's a little late but you said we have a lambo.Can I have my turn with it.

Leonardo Simon says:

7:44 – the ever lasting squeak 🤣😂

Amaro says:

Rental and all these stupid people believe u lol

Amaro says:

Aventador has no cheap dumb ass even the cheapest cost $260000 with tax $290000

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