BUYING THE RIGHT ONE? McLaren 765LT vs AMG GT Black Series

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The McLaren 765LT and AMG GT Black Series go directly head to head in their purpose, performance, price and even exclusivity. However, despite a history of both the LT models and AMG GTs, I’ve only bought one of the new cars (so far); is my choice actually the better car and how do they stack up against one another?

In recent weeks, I was lucky enough to drive both of the new cars directly back to back on adjacent days; firstly with McLaren at Silverstone in the UK, and then the following day with AMG at the Lausitzring in Germany. There could not have been a better opportunity to therefore weigh up whether it’s the right choice for me to purchase the latter for the Shmeemobiles.

The 765LT starts at £280,000 but realistically with spec will be £330-340k, for a car that has a 4.0l TT V8 making 765hp/800Nm, of which 1,530 will be made plus special editions. The GT BS is £335,000 with all options included, for a car with a 4.0l TT V8 making 730hp/800Nm, of which they will build 1,500-2,000 in total. They have both launched this year, are both built for the track, both approximately the same performance and come in at bang on the same money – you can see the similarities!

However, which is actually the better car? Without any doubt, for an infrequent track drive, the 765LT is leagues ahead for its driving, handling, and outright speed. However, throw in desire for reliability over many miles, daily usage and perhaps long term value and the GT Black Series is going to pull ahead. When it comes to my garage, this is where it starts to become more interesting and specific to me. With both my 675LT Spider and Senna sticking around for the long haul, the 765LT would be quite a duplicate in terms of being a permanent car. On the other side, while the SLS BS will be staying, eventually the GT R Pro and GT R Roadster will move on, giving the GT Black Series a long term home, while being used for huge miles in the process. I find it a fascinating comparison, and feel very lucky to have experienced both already!

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

There's a big supercar battle between the 765LT and GT Black Series, but which would you go for? What do you think of my reasons for the choice I've made so far?

crossphaded says:

Why do you need so many AMG GT variants???

camila arbelaez says:

Hi shamed150

megatron says:

Im prolly going to have to make this choice some day too

Randomwhateve R says:

I like how he said 0-124 instead of 0-60 cause it’s almost irrelevant now

Mert Ayi says:

BlAck Series

Andre Cromhout says:

Leave the 765LT and GT Black and get an LFA instead.

luis rodriguez says:

Hey Shmee, why don’t you get the Porsche GT2 RS, that will be a nice addition..🇺🇸💪🏽😎

Tony A says:

AMG GT BS is on another level!

Alex Oliver says:

I think this style of video, please do more.

Bob Marly says:

U should get the black series because so many people are going to get the Mclaren so u should get the merc and be diff

Dante F. B. Colò says:

Mclaren for sure

Kyle Haywood says:

So what's that 2 Mclarens and 5 Mercedes? That's unbalanced!

TheFunkhouser says:

MCL here. The Benz is nice but still looks like a GT car. The MCLAREN looks way better, like a super/hyper car should.

Kyle P says:

Nice bit of content!

Michael Spark says:

Sure… I agree, it’s a tough choice… Mercedes or Mclaren? Life is brutal.

Alex Venous says:

i think we have enought of the gts now

Stu bob says:

Fantastic video

Adam Winter says:

I think the 765lt because you love your 675lt so much it would be good to add a new Lt to have good times with

fat Fred says:

It Shmee, snap, crackle and forget them both, save some money and get a 720S. Better still, sell everything and buy a T50. That's not gonna depreciate!

Bartosz p says:

I would go for the Black Series. Mercedes Is a way better functioning brand and the looks of the BS are just such a step up over the standard GT. I like both but think the BS is a better longterm investment as well.

Magnus Likes Tanks says:

Who even thought of implementing that much fake sound? Did they seriously think: "The people buying this car for 330k are most likely mercedes enthusiasts, so they'll love that their car sounding like a video game."

Ethan Turner says:

Personally I would go with the 765 mainly I feel like we need more Mclearns, We have the Senna and LT, but we have so more AMGs arleady, the SLS the GTR pro the G wagon, and the Roadster coming. I feel like if we add the GT BS there would be SO much AMG

BRRUUU 430 says:

Do you got elektrick shmeemobile? If no, buy one instead of buying one of those two!

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