C8 Corvette vs C7 Corvette | Drag & Roll Race Comparison

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2020 C8 Corvette (Hennessey stainless steel exhaust, lightweight wheels with Hoosier race tires) and a bone stock C7 Stingray size each other up from a dig and from a roll. Do we stage a rematch when the C7’s Hennessey performance upgrade is complete? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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Smanation One says:

Absolutely hate when they don’t do apples for apples. It’s not that hard

T BONE says:

Omg. That’s it? I’ll take the c7 for half price.

Jeff Au’Court says:

More power,
Super car looking /

Who cares.
The C7 LOOKED like a CORVETTE. What it turned into (amazing or not) Chevy caved and followed the crowd. The Vette has been around for DECADES… The top brass got bored and turned it into an Acura.

Great job.👌😥

Thin Red Line says:

Dumbest comparison I’ve seen in a while!
Next time why don’t u compare a professional vs amateur in boxing and waste more of our time I’ll save u the time and tell u who will win.

Scott Shanahan says:

Skipping spedo numbers is just mind boggling.
This is 2020 right?

tangled Line says:

People forget this is a Hennessey advertisement video..lol. If they used a Z06…they would be forced to "add more cowbell".

Dan Greenwood says:

They both need to have the same ad on's…..

Fred Fournier says:

And we're suppose to be impressed because why?

Yoo Jastle says:

c8 not stock, so what is the value of this comparison?

N2MUSIC1 says:

BS premise, Weighted race, What did you expect !

mark davids says:

New model is modified vs old model that is stock? I guess the point here is both are white?

Drew Matthews says:

The c7 sounds better

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