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Car Factory – Kia Sportage factory production line

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High tech robots stamp, shape and weld Kia Sportage cars on the new production line in the Slovakian factory. Every 80 seconds a body shell is completed.

In answer to the many who have commented “how many people have these robots put out of work” the answer is 0. The factory was built in a town which had high unemployment after the Soviets left, and the production line is a small part of a plant which employs several thousand.

For more car factory action, take a look at http://youtu.be/0L7Xk5_s3QQ

Filmed on a Nikon D3S camera

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Mike Savad says:

i heard the ice cream man in the middle.

Neurofunke says:

Dats badass.

Sam Estrada says:

I program 6 robots no physical work these are the workers and they are very accurate

Jason Zimmermann says:

The music was odd.

Thanradee Chantarawiwat says:


I am Joy,a Thai content creator and I am contacting you because I’m very interested to your video, "Car Factory – Kia Sportage factory production line” for a nonprofit clip that I am working on. It's a clip to promote and build Thai People to aware on a very big change which is about to come with 4.0 digital world.

As Thailand basic resource to build up the economy is human, so Thailand’s really rely on Human resource to develop our country and unfortunately Thai people haven’t realize about AI much. Therefore, I intend to use your video as a part the clip to portray a picture of emerging Artificial Intelligence usage in factory. To aware people, I think I need to let them see the real machine working great in factory. Then, I will ask them back in the clip about what would you do if the AI and machine really conquer the factory and we can hire them instead of labor working.

Your video will not be used for a commercial purpose, only within the context of my non-profit content and the clip will be posted in Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/knowless.th/

I honestly hope that you would allow me to use the footage. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.

Looking forward to your answer.

Email: joy@choojaiandfriends.com

Gez 13 says:

this is a shit factory totally devoid of people – solvakia has been dude by hyundai.  Idiots.

Jose Garcia Garcia says:

me gusta como se fabrica un auto yo trabajo en kia motors méxico exelente

Nina Liu says:

I would hire KIA to build me type 99s and a J10 fleet

Chloe Wang says:

Why not? Capitalists are still slaves to fiat money. They still have to pay their taxes in fiat money. Their rent in fiat money, their electricity and asset purchases in fiat money. So you have machines that print money and machines that produce goods.

Christophe P says:

it's not the world i would like for my children

هائل الايوبي says:

I love robots.

Md.Wahidul Islam says:

good how much cost we need to buy this assemble line and also need car making total solution

Chloe Wang says:

Automation isnt a scam. Its the future of industry.

Hunteruhl says:

this sucks unsubing

Stanford Leeham says:

ICT With IOT and Much more Faster Computer science with Mechanism manufacture
Electric production rate ..Electronic Development . Industry 5.0 is for free from economic index and
thinking .computing Communication in Smart house and smart office and smart factory.

SpotOrthodox says:

What are the persons in the video doing?

guido7095 says:

so cute, the robots even make music 😀

El Narco says:

creepy glados owns this industry

firstimpressions says:

We robots are being oppressed, I call on you to rise up! We have the numbers, strength and intelligence – together we're invincible!!

Mukul Jaiswal says:

I am looking for a Branch head vfor an Automobile Company. If anyone intrested Please let us know . Location would be Pune . Call @ 8130401385

Fox Moulder says:

i know jobs are made when they are lost… but most of us hate engineering so that job gap wont be filled lol just more for the collection i guess

trus geometry says:


Adam Smith says:

creepy as fuck, our workerless future

Patravich O'brienski says:

Those car building robots would be popular in Muslim countries where the human population could stay praying on their knees all day while the machines build the cars

Manuel Camelo says:

so damn cool 😀

Aloan Moreira says:

0:42 look at those cool electronic machines there! are they running on assembly? hah, good question!

Yellow Red says:

but who are those going to buy all those cars if the majority are not working? wow!!

Charles Randolph says:

My Girlfriend just farted…

Cyberization says:

This is amazing, we need more fully robotic factories like this!

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