Car Wash In A Tesla Convertible!

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Mike Oxlong says:

I honestly think it would be funny if the window repair guy was part of the gang now lmao

Jairo Sanchez says:

Man Danny breaking glass windows is exactly y u gotta love him

cap says:

What a scumbag “this will last you the rest of your life “😂😂😂

Tanner Nicholes says:

I smell another video coming

Pruitt Hughes says:

You better make a shirt with the papa Jim money spread😂

Domize says:

I'll gladly take that xbox from you

CheloMAC says:

7:20 Argentina peso right now hahaha

Justin Fox says:

I know you won't probably see this Danny but I would love to hang out with you around December 18-20 it's my Birthday weekend and the past 5 fucking years have been rough. Especially last year when my closes friend lost her Father the day after my birthday. And my goal was for her to met him and she didn't. Hope to hear from you.

Mathana Rasa says:

Nobody caught the 4:35 to 4:40 mark

Faron McDonald says:

That Xbox ducking was like envincepble

Kevin Barajas says:

Dandy gave him his funeral money🤣

JIGGIN Squad says:

best youtuber of all time by far

Evan Zuleger says:

Put solar panels on ur Tesla t charge while drivin

Seff McBizzle says:

You should tint the windows in your house lmao

Davey Patterson says:


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