Carlos & Charles – Ferrari SF90 models in Imola

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#CarlosSainz and #CharlesLeclerc definitely enjoyed their experience at Imola behind the wheel of the #FerrariSF90Stradale Assetto Fiorano & the #FerrariSF90Spider. We didn’t even ask them for a comment. Everything we needed to know was in the excitement on their faces.

Fuel consumption / CO2 Emissions: Under homologation

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Diether Santos says:

Lando is so jealous when he watch this video

Tom Vallée says:

Everybody: bromance.
Me: what a poor soundind ferrari…

Love Girl says:

Love cars !


@salomundo "il mammadore" le podría enseñar a Leclerc como llevar una #Ferrari de calle… Flojito el monegasco.

Ivan Valencia Moran says:

Vamos Muchachos, son lo Máximo, Vamos Ferrar1!

Lucca Dornellas says:

LaFerrari, why are you crying?

Tailong says:

They are laughing because of how good the sf90 is compared to the sf1000

Jasjeet Singh says:

(insert faster than sf1000 jokes)

mogaka samwel says:

Ferrari with a mesage at the end urging you to put the slow button on

Avinash Lee says:

Why does Charles look like grown up Harry Potter

Param Drall says:

The way F1 Ferrari is performing don't know what to expect from their other cars.

Andomagic says:

Totally disappointed with the sound of Ferrari cars since the transition to turbocharging, doesn't stir the soul aurally anymore

bocoy noiu says:

The production team on this piece did incredible! A fantastic video!

D ERC says:

Great video!! I hope there were no stunt drivers….

Ritwiz Rai says:

The problem with driving f1 cars, pretty much every other car starts to feel boring.

LegendWar - Lucas Acosta says:

I am hoping this gets added into forza horizon 5, maybe even 4

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