Carlsson CLS 63 652 PS 0-333 km/h CK63 RS Mercedes AMG Top Speed Tuning Test sport auto

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sport auto’s Christian Gebhardt in the Carlsson CK63 RS based on Mercedes CLS 63 AMG with 652 PS: Sound, Acceleration, High Speed 0-333 km/h on speedo, GPS: 332 km/h.


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Nick Diassi says:

Mercedes CLS 65 AMG Valhalla

Tobias says:

GEIL alter 333KM/h VOLL DER amg

Fad Gerfr says:

someone call police

Mr.President sir says:

German muscle.

Daniel Sadjadian says:

It's so freaking fast!

ู†ูˆู†ู‡ ู„ูˆู„ูˆ says:

is srt viper stronger???

Alojzije Jozinovic says:

is there any chance you coming to croatia?
id like to feel that acceleration live, ill pay for gas hahah

Mitsos kati says:

205 bmw fans…..

Simo AMG says:

This is fucking warplane and not a normal car for this much loved Mercedes and a great tribute to Germany, the country organelle

Juan Antonio Gomez Gogol says:

me. la hupa

Fabian K says:

Gott schรผtze uns vor Eis und Schnee vor SLS und MZG

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