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Carsguide Road Test: Land Rover Defender 110 SVX

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Carsguide’s Chris Riley road tests the Land Rover Defender 110 SVX, a limited edition model priced from just over $63,000. Rating: 6.5/10

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E1Productions says:

I drive the SVX 90 …. love it!!

Carlos Chavez says:

I know well the car Land Rover Defender SVX 110 Limited Edition, is a product VINTAGE over time its value increases I sell at $ 110,000 USD and I have in Mexico is a 2009 model and only has 7,000 kms; If there are only 25 units in world, where to buy your father? Greetings

a6km says:

compare to suzuki sierra coily how is the ride in defender ? I dont have a problem with the little suzuki but some say that this is horrible so i dont know …

UAEknife says:

oops this car in my house for two years and i didnt notice it until yesterday i went with my friends camping it was a great car better than my landcruiser 2009.

HeavyDan says:

No way you can spend all that money for a svx that you can find for 40 or 50000!!!

HeavyDan says:

Ooops, my bad…I thought they were in the US.
Sorry 😉

leonardomoses says:

the only problem with comparing a 70 series land cruiser with the defender is that the land cruiser costs alot more than the defender does!

leonardomoses says:

31,000 euro is $50,000 australian, you then have to take into account the costs of getting to australia plus taxes on top.

ProteanView says:

Looks good and I'm sure it's a typically functional Land Rover.

Four cylinders and poor road driving might not be so bad if I *lived in* the bush, but, like most of us, I still have to get there.

My guess is this truck is best for safari companies than offroad enthusiasts who must still navigate their way to the off-road.

I'd re-think those Recaro seats.

HeavyDan says:

sorry I meant "right hand drive".

HeavyDan says:

I own a defender 90 station wagon svx and I paid 31,000€ for it.
63,000$ for the 110 is nonsense! Also, it still has the left-hand drive…

guerraji says:

In Guayaquil Ecuador South America are one of this serie….

triniemrol says:

noooo way 7and3/4 out of 10

this IS a landrover

David C.C. JIM says:

I love 60 th Defender very much !!!!!!!

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