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Cayenne Turbo vs ML63 AMG – Fifth Gear

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Tiff decides to put the Porsche Cayenne Turbo to the test against Mercedes ML63 AMG, with the help of three time Rally Champion and Skyfall stunt driver Mark Higgins!

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BenderCunning says:

So, I bought one of these last year, you can completely turn the traction control off its called "Dyno Mode" stops all the silly and lets this puppy off the chain. coupled with a Eurocharged v5 tune puts down approx 650hp at the wheels. weapon of a car, I challenge 5th gear to re run this comparison again and setup the benz with "dyno mode: on.

Elçin Səmədov says:

Why he did not switch the ML to dynamometer test mode (this can be done in dashboard menu) ? He could have all electronic system options off and drive as sport suv.

Edward Scofild says:


Taras Tab says:

So MB won test. Better real life car, as always

A.M.R says:

Why there’s Porsche Cayenne Turbo, when Porsche has the better sport version called Porsche Cayenne Turbo S ?!

Hamito Himi says:



Daniel Catura says:

was there no Turbo S this year? if there is a Turbo S, seems like an unfair comparison imo

AMG or BUST says:

I know manufacturers and journalists will pit AMG vs everything else like BMW and Porsche and Audi but it's really comparing Apple's to oranges. Mercedes AMG is a luxury car with a lot.of power. Porsche and BMW are going to be more driver focused. Choose whatever fits best for you. Fuck.numbers and stats and track times. Go get.in the bitch drive the shit out of.it and pick out which one makes you feel good. Whether thats an m3 or a g37 doenst matter fuck everyoke else buy what you really want. Everything else is bullshit

dillerdiller85 says:

eeerrrhh Thsixth thousand poundthhh

A C says:

So let me get this straight: In usual moronic british fashion, car "A" is driven by a professional stunt driver, and car "B" by a housekeeper dad. Car "A" has a $9000 ceramic brake option, car "B" is stock, but they make sure they compare stopping distance. Car "A" has PSM off, but they don't bother entering the code to truly disable PSM in car "B" (although this takes 2 seconds to do)? Car "A" seems faster and more fun to drive because it Drifts (when drifting actually slows you in the corner and is a bad thing for lap times)? Pick a country that is able to produce a dry track day in the summer (so pathetic great britain is OUT), and give both cars the same fair chance and the same unbiased PRO driver, and ML63 will win in all aspects.

Activist calel says:

LOL dumb ass didn't know that the ml63 was in front no shit he's going to stop farther up LOL

ujjwal negi says:

Sir plz make video on Mercedes-Benz gls 63 amg

Keyrito says:

that drift was fucking filthy. excuse my french

Jachob Driver says:

what is this cars gone wild starring steve erwin lmao!!!!

Mehmet Mermer says:

forever ml 6.3 AMG
geil eyyyyy
Respekt wowwww

Matas Drelingis says:

Mercedes ml 63 is beter

preslav smirnov says:

porshe forever❤

PepperyGaming says:

where is the X5M?

Pete N says:

The problem with the Porsche Cayenne is the maintains cost. The SUV breaks down all the time….

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