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Charger prototype finding its way to Model S

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Tino Coppens says:

Cool today falcon haevy :)))))

Coleman Haye says:

jeezz lol tech is crazy these days

Daddy's lil Darlings! says:

This is why people are lazy now a days

Abby Bennett says:

I saw a Tesla by my school today and I was shocked because it’s a public school. Also in class I looked out the window to the highway and said “i wanna see a Tesla today”

Ucapture Me says:

so now we can send our cars to charge them.. and ask them to bring pizza way back home.
i dont know wat i am talking aboutt……

rootsnanny says:

Well if this ever comes up to the public you need to make it less creepy

Yuji sakai says:

When Tesla will launch in india

OreoTM Official says:

They should sell this

Jay Waghmare says:

Its aweasom

ItzDougYT says:

Man that's creepy and cool at the same time

Koo Woo says:

this is actually a pretty good use for a robot arm af

TepigplayzHD - Roblox & more! says:

Does the charger needs to be charged too? CHARGINGCEPTION

BrakItDown 7 says:

When your dick to big and cant drag to hole

Eldar Omir says:

They are only on gasoline

Eldar Omir says:

We have only Japanese,German,Korean and Russian cars.

Eldar Omir says:

When your electric cars will be sold in Kazakhstan?

Super Universal Gaming says:

I first I thought it was a worm ?

Justineastrolabio6 says:

EV Chargers must be jealous in the backround.

Different says:

kind of a waste, the car is supposed to be able to drive itself.

therefore the position will be more optimal than this and the arm should be horizontal rather than need to twist.

Chase McDougall says:

OpenAI collab?


Iron man tech is here.

dheeraj kumar says:

can anyone tell me how this works.. how does it exactly know wehere to insert.. which technology is used?

Dubstep Nation says:

Watch out girls

Sojourn Soul says:

Pretty neat

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