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Check out the brand new Hennessey Venom F5! Join me for a first look at this incredible hypercar that targets a top speed in excess of 300mph. Powered by ‘Fury’, it has a 6.6l twin turbocharged V8 making 1,817hp and some extraordinary acceleration numbers. Let’s explore in detail and even hear it with some flamethrowing revs.

The Venom F5 gets its name from the Fujita tornado scale in Japan, 5 being the top level up to 318mph (511km/h), an appropriate name therefore for a car aiming for a top speed of over 500km/h (311mph). The car is bespoke for Hennessey and the engine’s output of 1,817hp and 1,617Nm claims to carry it with estimated acceleration figures from 0-62mph (100km/h) in 2.6s, 0-124mph (200km/h) in 4.7s, 0-186mph (300km/h) in 8.4s and 0-248mph (400km/h) in a mere 15.5s.

Only 24 units of the Venom F5 will be built in total, the follow-up to the Venom GT that previously set a top speed of 270mph. The F5 also celebrates Henenssey’s 30th anniversary in 2021 and with it launches a new brand identity and logo. To keep things both strong and light, it has a carbon fibre monocoque as well as a full carbon body with streamlined aerodynamics but maintaining enough downforce for high speed and also track driving – furthered by the additional interchangeably rear wing as part of the Track package configuration.

Join me then to take you through the car in detail, including an opportunity to take a seat onboard and even to start the car and hear the exhaust sound with plenty of flames along the way.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:02 Walkaround
05:33 Interior
06:40 Engine
09:25 Dashboard
13:31 Sound Check
14:33 Outro

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Shmee150 says:

This is the new Hennessey Venom F5! After checking out the concept a few years, we now have the first of 24 cars that are targeting a top speed in excess of 500km/h (311mph). What do you think?!

SidhartaGT says:

yo, why you sound like supercar blondie man?

LucidFlame X says:

I can't get enough of that rumbling idle. That's the sound of thunder.

The Bright Star says:

This car is better when it come to power to weight ratio Is not like buggati bolide they R not truly the productions car is just a concept car more like a track focus car


Toese Tupua says:

like the design is not crazy like other super car out there with spikes! sharp edges lol. love the sound too.

Tian 926 says:

Battle engine V8 :
-Mclaren P1 / Senna
-SSC Tuatara
-Hennessey Venom GT/F5

Schnittlauch says:

am i the only one who thinks that the rear looks like a mclaren 765lt 🙂

Apocalypse says:

No electric motors just a cast iron V8. USA!!!

frank bevan says:

nobody driven it tho — its just numbers on paper

ryse night says:

Only questions i have is would you own one and did you order one?

Chrz OC says:

Lol, did he say the Fujita scale was used by Japan, 😂 ?

Has nothing to do with Japan Shmee, it’s the (now deprecated and replaced by the enhanced Fujita Scale, eF0,eF1,et al.) scale which was developed by Ted Fujita, A university of Chicago professor of meteorology in the 70’s in collaboration with the NSSFC which used post tornadic damage assessments and a set of criteria which was based on certain assumptions of broad scope structural and material deformation limits and input from civil engineers in order to rank and classify the severity of mesocyclone storms and give a general approximation of maximum wind speeds.

George Miao says:

Personally I think Jesko and Tuatara look better than this one

Frodokeuh says:

all the dislikes are from the SSC team x'D

WizardBeard says:

Car is awesome, hate the color though.

martinmo195 says:

In the old days, record breaking cars sounded special. Now they all sound like a Ls with turbo.

Adamboulahia17 Adam2015 says:

Looks wise i prefer the tuatara honestly

But still a stunning vehicle


Dear Santa…..

Nworah Frank says:

Did Henessey just make a real life version of the Cheetah in GTA V from 2013😏

VSM News says:

Very clean and simple interior…reminds me of the Ford GT a bit

Matija Todorović VII4 says:

Previous one looked a lot better

Sos says:

What a car! I love it!

Garth Loves CARS says:

this is an amazing car!!! just absolutely stunning!

Drifting 101 says:

The steering wheel looks wierd af

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