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This is the brand new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series! At the home of AMG in Affalterbach, Germany, join me for a first look at the latest release in detail. With one objective in mind, the 6th model to wear the Black Series badge boasts immense track performance through a new engine, huge aero, and plenty of details that we can discover during a full walkaround.

Where previous Black Series models have upped the ante from their base versions, the AMG GT has moved it to another universe. Boasting significantly more power thanks to the heavily reworked engine, unbelievable aerodynamics including an extendable front splitter and two-story wing with active aero, there is no doubt that the Beast of the Green Hell has grown up into an absolute monster.

Visually the car features swathes of carbon fibre in connection to the aerodynamic components. The front end is heavily reworked when compared to the other members of the AMG GT family and now features the much larger A-grille seen on the updated GT3 racecar for additional cooling. Beneath it sits a front splitter which can be manually extended by 5cms for track use only, which link around to flics and aero pieces to control air flow around the car. On the bonnet are two gaping openings for cooling from the new GT3 inspired radiator, along with gurney flaps to assist the flow. Naturally the side skirts play a part, but for grip so do the new Sport Cup 2 R tyres at 335 width on the new 20″ wheel at the rear (19″ up front). Then that wing… sitting as tall as the car with two levels which are each adjustable, and with the top housing an aero flap that adjusts while driving depending on the mode setting, akin to the wing found on the AMG ONE hypercar.

Under the bonnet sits the new flat plane crank 4.0 liter V8 biturbo that now makes 730hp and 800Nm; figures up from the 585hp and 700Nm found previously in the AMG GT R. With so much more torque, the 7 speed dual clutch gearbox has been re-inforced along with a new exhaust system that combined with the engine will make a totally new sound.

On the inside, a new lighter door card highlights the use of DINAMICA with orange contrasting stitching, continuing throughout the interior. The optional track package also includes the titanium rollover protection bar, four-point seat belts and fire extinguisher, in addition to the standard fit bucket seats (depending on market).

There’s no denying the purposeful appearance of the GT Black Series, and no doubt it’s going to be an incredible thing at home in its natural habitat. Hopefully the future will see one joining my garage and being used as intended, time will have to tell!

Thanks for watching, Tim



PinkFungus says:

This car 100% belongs to your garage ngl.
It's one of my favorite car rn.

Gustavo Abrahao says:

The guy seems more excited about the video than about the car

stewheelie says:

End of an era, as emissions standards become tighter, these cars will go the way of the dinosaur.

Gustavo says:

Hi Shmee . Can you please talk more slowly ? Thx.

Dutch Defense says:

He seems to know his stuff 😉

jude Amaya says:

That car design is so amazing 😳💯💯

Travis Quartz says:

My new favourite car in THE WORLD

Beast Laser says:

For stock 730 hp damn ! Can’t beat that !

sgtMerto says:

335 in the rear that is aventador style

Daniel Heathcote says:

You’re involved in advert for the carand you haven’t got an allocation? With your profile, and custom? Mmmm, I’m surprised.

Dat Nguyen says:

darth vader, is that you?

Brian Cao says:

Man I love your voice

Wayne Drew says:

Hi guys I'm Shmeeeeeeeeeeeee. Yah.

Dusan Kuzmanovic says:


Rik W says:

One of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen.

Stéphanε γvelines says:

Great car, I hope AMG-Mercedes also brings a C63 AMG Black Series with ths flat plane crank W177 4.0 V8 as a final hurra to the V8 C63s.

FormulaWill says:

Was Tim authorized to reveal the vehicle BEFORE the official Mercedes reveal?

yujie zhang says:

why the front of the car look like the head of a shark? to be honest, I am not a fan of it. The front looks ugly.

Floating Peaks says:

This guy has the worst intro ever. Wish he would once say hi guy, its me bob, just to switch things up.

Dekyi Yangzom says:

Mercedes gt car inspired from end racism or new mercedes livery I guess

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