Check Out the NEW Pagani Huayra Roadster BC! | FIRST LOOK

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Introducing the latest Pagani hypercar, the brand new Huayra Roadster BC! Join me for a Pagani factory tour, visit to the museum, and reveal of the newest introduction before going out for a passenger ride to experience what it’s all about!

The Pagani Huayra Roadster BC follows on the heels of the Roadster, wearing the BC designation symbolising it as the limited edition, more driver focused variant of the model. Featuring the new Pagani V12 engine developed ahead of the launch of the “C10” successor model, making over 800hp and 1,050nm of torque. With new aerodynamic elements and features but still weighing just 1,250kg you can be sure it’s quite a machine.

After seeing the new car presented I had the incredible opportunity to jump onboard the prototype to enjoy the bangs and cracks from the exhaust system as we explore the local roads. From there it’s back for a quick tour of the Pagani Huayra and Zonda history in the museum and then a discovery of the assembly hall itself where the cars are actually built.

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

The Pagani Huayra Roadster BC has arrived! Join me for a first look at the brand new car before experiencing it on the roads during a visit to discover the factory, and museum to take it all in.

Antonio Robles says:

Joder tío pero weno que feo vidio chaval

Tony Coby says:

a hour in that car means one helluva a headache from the exhaust noise –LOL

David Castillo says:

Horacio pagany 🇦🇷

jose bermudez says:

Gracias Horacio por deleitarnos lo hojos con esta belleza

omar mazza says:

❤️💎 Non ci sono parole.

Jack Stein says:

Can’t wait to see more specs

Keith Swallow says:

I am going to buy this car.

Kevin Killian says:

Shmee, I follow you obviously. As an avid auto enthusiast, I live vicariously through your automotive adventures. Pagani is the epitome of integrating art and science in motion. Your tour through the HQ/factory was absolutely awe-inspiring! It was a journey well appreciated!

paGo leOn says:

cars like this are Not just cars!! its piece of Art!! also a Great investment for the few that can Afford it . .

Rex Gomes says:

But the doors don't open like this 👐🏻 or like this 🙌🏻

– Russ Hanneman

Pranav Jauhari says:

Pagani should stop taking engines from amg, they should build their own 1000hp+ hypercar.

Sabelo Gama says:

After watching this video I just realized that an imola was just a widebody bc

P M says:

Had the same BC Roadster parked out of a restaurant near my house this evening! what a machine! 👌🏻

Hanzo says:

This car is so out of reach that I can't even get the blueprints on Asphalt 9: Legends.

Obinna Nzenwata says:

i love the pagani

Edfigo Casio says:

The Mirrors a terrible

Lan Slay says:

Kat italy pun ada rohingya keja kilang.

LoL XD says:

This car is more expensive than the Bugatti Chiron actually

LoL XD says:

This car… came with straight pipe from the factory… and it… passes the regulations prolly until arrived at California lol

Rani Martinez says:

You are always Ahead .

whycantibefree says:

Wow comes with a straight pipe from factory and a switch. Take notice Lamborghini

Bat Lord says:

God the Livery on it is amazing

Silas Tipton says:

Say that 5 times fast

Денис Ковалёв says:

Pagani Huayra – шикарный спорт кабриолет 0 – 10:40 min

kIng Carters Wisdom says:

This right here is a work🚘 of art great video !

Gaston Borraccetti says:

Made un Argentina

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