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Chevy Volt vs. Nissan LEAF

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There’s a lot of controversy comparing the Nissan LEAF to the Chevy Volt, but it all has to do with whether or not the Volt is truly an electric car, or whether it’s a hybrid. But let’s set their powertrains aside for the moment. John McElroy just got a chance to test drive both cars, back to back, and here’s his impression of what the they’re like.

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Sara Schulze says:

appreciate anymore reasonable depend detective different cloth evaluation.

Ahmad Isa says:

just look at that Nissan …. ewww

Randy Jensen says:

I just have, seriously, never thought about 'thigh support.' lol

gunthreadadapters.com says:

What an obnoxious person…

DehnusNorder says:

Because of what GM did in the past? And because you aren't certain when they are "comming to take your car away haha, hihi, hoohoo."… Nissan Leaf wins.

O.P GAMING says:

So,which one is better?Im going with the Leaf!

Keri D says:

what is the difference in mileage on purely electric on both cars?  Also how many MPG do you get in each car and how big is the gas tank?  THAT'S what I want to know… If anyone has any input, it would be much appreciated.

Chris CameronOnline says:

Batteries Are Not Gas Tanks
EVs charge while you are NOT USING THEM, about 21 hours/day while parked.  A perfect car to drive to work or errands, which is 95% of driving.  A gasoline car makes you stop when YOU WANT TO USE IT to refuel, but makes a better choice for people who often drive very long distances, which is 5% of driving.  Most families have two cars, so the vacation objection is moot.  We all like different things, but there is no logic in bashing something you've never experienced.

The early days of the cell phone, VCR, and microwave oven were much the same. The microwave didn't replace the stove, but it has it's own place in our lives. Many detractors, skeptics who had never used it flooded the media when these came out.  Once people experience new things and became more commonplace, they wonder how they lived without it.

loctite222ms says:

With only about an 80 mile range perhaps seat comfort isn't as much of an issue about comfort over a "long trip".   You can't do non-stop long trips.

UTubeGlennAR says:

Yes, this vid forgot to mention the LARGEST difference, One is a pure EV the other is a Hybrid, VARY BIG DIFFERENCE when just comparing head room in the back seat. BIG Thumbs down on this comparison in my book with out question……..

Joeteck says:

LOL, The Volt is gas as well, where as the LEAF is not… Funny

Gary West says:

I dont like the Chevy volt ingress /egress of the vehicle the C-pillar is to far forward in relation to the seat, that mean you have to get in forward the c-pillar and then push back into the seat, I had a new Prius, I dumped it, it has the same forward C-piller, the Leaf on the other hand has the C-pillar more rearward, so when you enter the Leaf the seat is forward the C-pillar much easier to get in and out of.
 One thing that is Not shown on entering the Leaf that I wish they would have, is the floor FRAME height, that can either be High or Low, Low is Much better for entering and exit any vehicle.

eternalhalloween1 says:

Don't get me wrong. Electric cars are a good idea.

But I think the transition needs to be done smoothly. By that I mean the Leaf is dead after 100 miles, and it takes 4 hours to recharge. And how many places can you recharge them? You also have to plan big time with the Leaf.

For now, the Toyota Prius is a good transition car. It uses both electric and gas. (So you don't have to worry about getting stranded.) And you're still getting an impressive 50 mpg.

Allen Natian says:

Volt is not electric. It's hybrid.

DSC800 says:

You noted the Leaf has uncomfortable seats for a long trip.  A "long trip"?? that would be impossible with a 70 mile range.

GrotrianSeiler says:

What a stupid comparison. The Volt is not an electric car, it's far more than that. It just happens to be driven by an electric motor until the charge is exhausted. This video is a big fail.

Rodrigo Garduño says:

Excelent backseats. What about the FUCKING IMPORTANT THING?

Bob Mak says:

Volt  is the worst car  in the world,,,

pol1250 says:

There would be any problem to increase the battery size but they don't wanna be the EV be better than there old fuel engines!! That is the ONLY reason!!!!!! Please wake up!!! There is still a lot of oil left to sell and that is their problem!!! They give a shit about the nature or the people health!!!

pol1250 says:

If  I buy an Ev I wanna have a real one!! I don't wanna carry around an old fuel burning engine that doesn't make any point!! I still have to do all the maintenance like on a regular car!! That's so unlogic!! Why didn't they just put more battery in it instaed of of that fuel engine and reservoir, exhaust, etc..????

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