Chris Harris Drives… Best of Luxury: Aston Martin DB11, 261mph Bugatti Chiron, Cullinan | Top Gear

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From the Rolls-Royce Cullinan’s off-road capabilities to the standard Chiron’s 261mph limited top speed, one thing unites all of these expensive machines: you’ll probably find them wafting slowly through London’s Knightsbridge instead. So let Chris Harris look past the glamour, and explore these cars properly.

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Service & Feedback


Furio says:

The Aston Martin looks like any other Aston if I'm brutally honest

Furio says:

I want to see the sand blasted front and under body of the Chiron 🤣

Furio says:

I was given a book on Bugatti by my late father about 20 years. You should see what Bugatti built but never were put into production. A real shame really.

Will4May says:

I think the colour of the Cullinan is good, does that count ? and I like the sound of the Chiron and DB11, if I won or was given any of these I would drive it for as long as it would take to sell them and get a usable everyday car, and a new house and enjoy spending the rest.

emiliano luongo says:

The gainful gateway secondarily mend because advice basally time until a homeless van. smoggy, cheap jewel

theoneandonlyhubert says:

"At times you're not sure if the engine is running. That's the ultimate accolade for a luxury vehicle"
My jimny 1.3 does this…

Sam Shroom says:

Anyone else annoyed by the poor fitting wrinkled upholstery on the dash of the Cullinan?
So wrong to see things like that on RR. Finish should be a lot better quality.

Snape says:

The Cullinan is a Phantom for people who want to look further down at poor people

Zooba Ali says:

Hahahaha you really didn't like that RR SUV hah? Lol. I agree. It doesn't have the best look but its full of luxury so yeah

Zooba Ali says:

How can he adapt to driving on the right AND left side? A Talent tbh ..

Jon Without the H says:

When he said, "Sweeeeeet!" Haha! I'm impressed at how well he channeled that inner, American Dude.

Easy Crafts 4 All says:

chiron is on another level, typical public shot, and 378kph just wow

Jacob Olness says:

Does anyone know where he is when driving the Cullinan?
I saw an Albertsons Grocery so I think it must be US and western at that. Is he in Aspen?

Ben Penrice says:

I don’t know but the way that tray in the back seat has a slight bounce to it and doesn’t stop smoothly makes me sad

Bari Izlam says:

I've never heard anyone pronounce "Michelin" the way he does! You review cars, for God's sake get the name right!!! However his words on The Rolls Royce SUV was spot on!

Phantom Echelon says:

If you get the Chiron in metallic orange, is it then a Bugatti Sheeran? 😁

james tailor says:

Rolls Royce will never give him a car again hahahaha

Steve Solo says:

The Bentayga is so much more appealing to the eye than the beast you are driving in.

David Lovett says:

Great 1st two cars. 100% agree with comments on Rolls, front end is Butt-Ugly!!! I, also, agree with the SUV thing, not for me either, have no interest. Thanks again😁

BoomBapAttack says:

It keeps being said but Chris really is one of the all time great motoring journalists, the man just oozes charisma and honesty. What a legend.

Miguel A. Rivera S. says:


SiyaM Ma says:

You can't be asked to move 6 inches but forgot to move your hand away from the door line…. Outch!

RY RY says:

For 2 mil I think you should expect the handling to be above average

JTRS_ says:

i know nobody cares but the number plate says KSI 7:15

APE Suit9 says:

Aston Martin is such a underrated car.

65memphis says:

ok youtube im done. too many ads. its super annoying.

Daveyboy 330 says:

I know he doesn't just walk in to a dealership any day he likes and borrows a car. There's a lot more to it than that… but as a viewer, I can't stand watching a review in the rain. Yet he's always driving in the rain

febri 03 says:

RR 😍😍🤤🤤

Zach H says:

Top Gear needs to pay its production team more. Absolutely stunning cinematography with the Bugatti segment.

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