Chris Harris drives… Best of Porsche: GT2 RS, 992, 911 R, 919, Type 64 | Top Gear

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Achtung! We’re back with another Chris Harris compilation and this time he’s smoking some Porsches. From Stuttgart, there’s the latest 992 version of the 911 Carrera S, the very special ‘Manthey-Racing’ version of the GT2 RS, and a rather rare machine called the “Type 64”.

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Top Gear says:

One of these cars isn't a Porsche. 10 Top Gear Points for the first to comment what it is 👀

Jamie Coogan says:

hands down my fav car guy,, awesome driver too

JAY BEE says:

Chris Harris is just better on his own.

Michael McD. says:

6:50 Chris got shot in the head with a paintball

Scotty Boersma says:

Brilliant. Thank you for the entertainment and a bit of education.

astonmartinzz says:

The pure passion and enjoyment of the Type64. Looking at what they did with such passion. Music and no commentary, just admiring it as a Porsche purist would. Idiosyncrasies. Little nuances around the steering wheel that have their owns story, and are most likely older than the admirer. Final shot just being in the presence of their culmination of tech and experience…leading to exactly that offering present day…. wonderful edit.

jey Lee says:

Perfect power for a car like this(992), extremely usable, all the time. what a wonderful gift a Porsche is to the world of drivers.

Justin Tiedt says:

Dear Youtube, enough with the ads.

Jesse Vizcarra says:

What a great occupation to have. Love porsche!

True Tothegame says:

mario balotelli has one !

Ahmed Doshan says:

Who James Clarkson should've been

steve heslop says:

The comparison between the Peugeot and the 911 was great. It's a great reminder of how different cars are now than they were a few decades back. I've never driven a Peugeot, but I did have a VW Super Beetle many years ago. That car could be summed up as 'Fun' (with a capital 'F'). The feel and the precision of the steering, and the gear box, and where the tires were ….was incredible. Modern cars will never duplicate that feeling. They are too heavy, too sophisticated, have too much comfort, and too many driver aids. All that stuff is great, and necessary, to handle the speed that modern cars are capable of. I would choose a 911 over a 30 or 40 year old VW or Peugeot, but I think we loose some 'Fun' with the high speeds and the sophistication. Any modern car is much faster, and much more sophisticated (brakes, suspension, etc.), than any 30 or 40 year old car – a new Honda Civic, say, compared to a 30 year old Civic – but that speed and the sophistication that it requires, makes cars heavier and makes for a less involved feeling. The thrill of driving a vintage VW, or Peugot, or Civic, down a twisty lane at 90 kph, has been replaced with the thrill of driving a modern Porsche, or Civic, down the same twisty lane at 160 kph. 'Fun' has been replaced with 'Serious".

B Fairfax says:

Yeah I understand your comparison of the 911R and the Peugeot but a better comparison probably would have been an E30 M3 and and the 911R for many of the same reasons . Though the early M3's were great cars for their time they just don't stack up against the tech and HP of the newer cars from really any manufacture .

Stev A says:

I know this will sound ridiculous, but with the beard I find I trust you less… Lol. Don't know why, but you just look more convincing with a clean shaven face. Love all these cars, and you just can't go wrong with a Porsche. Of course the 918 Spider is the one I really want.

callmejohn says:

I am officially a chris harris fanboy

Scott Ballantine says:

Way too many adverts

Adrian Jordan says:

Anyone able to tell me where the Peugeot vs Porsche video was filmed? Wanna go there!!

salah says:

Please Top Gear can you translate your vidéo in french. Thank you

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