Chris Harris on… Gordon Murray T.50 vs Aston Martin Valkyrie | Top Gear

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Despite the different design philosophies behind the two cars, the Gordon Murray T.50 and the Aston Martin Valkyrie are always going to draw comparisons. Both house Cosworth V12s behind their driver cell. Both will cost well into the millions of pounds. And both are… well, really rather special. So here’s Chris Harris talking Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix through his opinions on both machines.

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Top Gear says:

Well, it's perhaps not the most important decision that's being made this week, but nonetheless – which would you have?

Bunsenn says:

“And the Lotus Evija, which is supposed to—“
“The Lotus what?”

lan wang says:

918 is a better car!

debovsky123 says:

Bmw 850i 1991

Michael Jamieson says:

Chris gets it, motoring isn't about your 1/4 mile time, it's about having a machine that you connect with. Some of the slowest cars I've owned have given me the best experiences.

RG4823 says:

The T50 will be superior. Yes, the Valkyrie will probably be much faster. But the T50 is built 100% for driver enjoyment and the driving experience. Like Chris said, GMA couldn’t give a rats ass how fast it goes round the Nurburgring. Yes, other cars are probably faster, which one would you enjoy more 🤷🏼‍♂️

David Haller says:

Would be so easy for ferrari to make the perfect car now. Just do F40 weight, 458 engine making way more then the twin turbo 2.9. Just give the 458 engine a manual

Tad Ficus Catus says:

I would choose the T.50.

Brownass2 says:

I had no idea top gear on bbc still existed.

Tamer Hafez says:

The Ferrari F50 is another example of under rated on paper, but is amazing in real life

View Film says:

I think the answer is the Valkyrie. We've seen what Gordon Murray has done with a road car, and frankly it can't be topped. Now it's Newey's turn.

blxtothis says:

GMA all the way, no turbos, ridiculously clever aero tech, practical and a three seater with storage.

Pea Gee says:

…'nd then for a fraction of the cost a Master Noble will produce a much cheaper car that will slay em all on the track 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👍

Johan says:

So "the purest" Chris Harris thinks the ultimate purest work of art- the Gordon Murray T50 is just boring because it's too basic. You sound a bit confused. Chris Harris you should get involved with making a car

Mohamad saad says:

chris harris you are a journalist/influencer/car guy with probably many fans. if you can’t joke, smile and laugh occasionally when speaking or being spoken too change your dam job mate. Unfortunately (i used to be a big fan) your narcissistic view on things has made you boring, narrow minded. My advice too you is, find a job you love, one you can enjoy on-& off the field. Unlike this current job where you seem alive in the car BUT, opposite outside the car, ESPECIALLY when sharing views with others in the field. Your reply’s are littered with negativity, and are, out of date-out of touch! Good journalism, (Like Clarkson) even when-critical could keep you entertained.

Archibald Sutherland says:

It’s T.50 for me, cause it’s all about the driver and his daily drive – comfort

Daniel ; says:

I’d want the T50. I can’t imagine any car ever, apart from maybe an F40 due to the turbo boost and lack of weight combined with ‘80’s engineering, being as much fun to drive on a mountain road.

Nordi Mejia says:

e cars is just a Fad, is the easy answer for a big problem.

N Y says:

We have landed in the era of “over dose” where for ludicrous money you can buy a ridiculous car to drive yourself nauseous. 🤑🤢😵‍💫…😂

Marc Williams says:

Harris, such the irritated, jaded Brit. We are living in a brilliant time for the supercar.

Yutoob Isranby WS says:

Valkyrie all day

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