Chris Harris on the Fate of AMG, Influencers + more! With Mr.AMG

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Interview with the Legend, Chris Harris! Huge honour to have Top Gear host and legendary car Journalist on Remove Before Race, it is not an exaggeration to say he inspired me to start talking about cars and eventually making this channel!

Though a few weeks ago, Chris and I had a little disagreement on the GT Black Series on Instagram! Chris said he wasn’t excited, and I reacted by disagreeing on stories. Chris spotted this, and suggested we do a video discussing that and everything else around the world of cars and AMG!

A weird start to what lead to an amazing discussion, and a chance for me to meet a hero to us all! The main topic of discussion is the GT Black Series and the future of AMG, taken from Chris’ perspective as a previous owner of a CLK Black Series. I also dive into other controversial topics, so on today’s very special episode we dive into:

– #MercedesAMG GT Family
– Chris Harris on GT Black series – is it too much?
– Black Series VS AMG GT R + Pro
– AMGs that shouldn’t exist
– Personal attacks on Chris
– Chris Harris on the A45S
– Overpriced modern cars
– Influencers vs Journalists
– Reality of Press Trips
– Youtube vs Top Gear
– Chris Harris on the New M3 Touring and M4
– 4 Cylinder C63
– Performance Brands turning Hybrid/Electric

Up next on on RBR is the BMW M340i, a surprise from Maybach, the Cayenne GTS and MUCH MUCH More!! Subscribe to support us and see them first. 🙂

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Remove Before Race says:

Pinch me moment when Chris messaged me with the suggestion of having a chat re: the Black Series! I knew how excited you all would be to see him on the channel, a real honour to have him on! Contrary to popular belief, and his own opinion, Chris is a really lovely bloke!

Some Behind the scenes facts:
– yes we just rocked up in a random park and made it our studio.
– yes I carried a load of garden furniture in the C63S – it’s practical
– yes my microphone was buggered, luckily the iPhone save the video
– no teslas were harmed in the making of this video.

Hope to get Chris back again, as mentioned for a special AMG shootout! 😉

xuemei jiang says:

The day Harris drives a GT Black Series is the day he falls in love with it.

akib2542 says:

Battery powered EV is simply never going to be as practical as a hydrogen fuel cell EV. Governments are pissing away money on building EV charging infrastructure when they could use the existing fuel distribution infrastructure at a fraction of the cost and if even 20% of the energy, time and resources being spent on pushing battery powered EVs was spent on developing Hydrogen fuel cell EVs it would very quickly become the only viable alternative.. its a no brainer..

Clarke Smith says:

This was such a great interview. Loved it. Keep up the good work!

rbnstb says:

Whats wrong with the Sound of the Voice?🤔 Bit annoying while watching…

Kiw Senior says:

I’m going to be utterly miserable if I end up having to drive a electric car in the future on the highway.

Kiw Senior says:

I’m 14 and I’m sad that I most likely won’t be able to own one of these V8 Mercedes brand new in the future.

rjac001 says:

Sounds like they are talking from the moon

Phil Cliffe says:

Have to say I was watching to see a crash happen in the background.

Tristan Blake says:

This is the best car chat on YouTube. The two most intelligent/ common sense blokes having a genuine chat about today's issues. Just awesome. (Would be great to get Christ back again?!)

AdzSONLINE says:

"2-3 grand a month, which is not a lot"


David Allen says:

Hi Raz. A bit off topic, but where did you get your boots from. Thanks

Teymur Madjderey says:

Well done guys. Love it. I always watch, don’t comment, but you keep on rocking!

AMchou says:

This is for me a moving conversation. I know it sounds ridiculous but when a super engine starts and you hear that exhaust note, I feel a sense of sadness knowing that this will not be our reality in 10-15 years time.

Steve John says:

Is that the Downs?

Angel Cruz says:

Thoroughly enjoyed this 👌

AJ says:

This was simply amazing.

Yoga Shan says:

Superb video, guys ; thank you.

wellrunsports says:

Fantastic discussion between two car guys from different gens. Gen 1 Gen 2 🙂

Isaac Idun says:

Really interesting interview. Chris is a legend (to me). A good "old fashioned" experienced journalist who is moving with the times. Henry Catchpole next please!!

//// AMG says:

M4 is so ugly I feel disrespected and I’m not BMW

//// AMG says:

He is one of the only journalists that can actually drive and know how to swing that shit side ways and get busy💯💨

R S2002 says:

Great interview and admire Harris being forthcoming about the monstrosity that is the new M3/M4. The grill is hideous and the price point absurd for what should be it’s segment. That said, it exposes your lack of impartiality. You were fawning all over BMW in your M3/M4 reveal video and it was clear to see as an influencer you were guilty of skewing your opinion to appease the manufacturer. Ironically, what you were talking about with Harris!

LemonJelly360 says:

Late to the party watching this but it was very very good, thank you.

Barry Nunes Vaz says:

Chris is the coolest car journalist in the world, love what he does, pure genius!

kevin millington says:

Really concerned for the nxt gen c63🤮🤮🤮

Tom Fidler says:

real people like Chris Harris don't like many people and many people don't like him (those who know him maybe ) but everyone respects him because he is REAL and not scared of what anyone thinks of him. people are scared of people like him

Mike Sosner says:

Great video and “yes” CH is a huge influence on which cars end up in my garage!

Phil M. says:

Great interview and fantastic insight from Chris…

David Jones says:

That was a great way to spend an hour. Thanks to both of you, well done and keep up the positive stuff the both of you!

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