Chris Harris on… the McLaren Speedtail: "Keep your Senna, have this" | Top Gear: Series 28

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In the latest episode of Top Gear, Chris Harris took on the RAF in a very special race. You may remember, that some years ago, TG pitched Eurofighter Typhoon against a Bugatti Veyron. But technology’s moved on a little since then, so it was time for a rematch.

The RAF chose their supersonic F35 fighter jet, and Harris opted for the jaw-dropping 250mph McLaren Speedtail – a slippery, low-drag hypercar with a centre driving position. Here Chris takes us on a tour of the McLaren and explains what it’s like drifting a £2 million piece of exotica.

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Top Gear says:

Who's sitting next to you on a roadtrip in your Speedtail?

Noel Alex says:

This top gear is trash, where is clarkson

Arthur Cave says:

This car is amazing

Peter Brown says:

Something just don’t feel right… ah yeah, top gear without Jeremy, Hammond and James. 🙃

Luke says:

this is so cringe. you have to be insane to like this

mondoudou says:

It sounds so average


Well, you could get 2 seenas for the price of this and a Lamborghini huracan performante

Клим Бондарь says:

That is only one hypercar where can sit 3 persons.

bpowick says:

The way this thing sounded being driven at the top limit on the show was incredible. I don’t know how quite to say it, but it just sounded fast.

TheFrankybody says:

There is only one thing that stands out and it's the 3 seasts…

Icon Icon says:

How on earth did he think was ugly? I'm with you Chris it's a beauty

dayalan velan says:

No matter how good… The styling is terrible. Surprise Chris likes it. Probably a British thing.
Long live the King…McLaren F1

Is Os says:

Nevermind having to be the first to seat inside the car, you probably have a butler to hold your girlfriends whilst sitting inside the car and closing the door for you.

cjm081 says:

You lost me at "It has no drag". Experts.

ilhan h says:

Catfish of a car

Qualified Automotive Solutions says:

Holy paint swirls Batman. Jeezus Christ. They destroyed that paint.

Zombie Head says:

It remind me a bit of the 90s Jaguar XJ220

Freezera says:

Back to the F1 days with the 3 seats, a shame they don't have Gordon Murray on the design team anymore.
He would have said the tail looks worse than a tramp's underpants after 10 days on the street

John K says:

The Speedtail is Jaguar XJ220 inspired.

S Miller says:

If you crash with passengers surely they'll have instant dislocated shoulders 😅😅

Punit S says:

This is the antithesis of all the limited run hypercars currently in existence. Purely because if i see someone cruising in a Senna or a P1 GTR in central London, you’d think “idiot…take it to the track”. Whereas you see that same person in this and you’d say “so suave and cool”

BPRIME says:

[Laughs in Koenigsegg]

guppy3278b says:

I still think it's ugly

Garrett Gustafson says:

man this is no F1 still man… nothing will be a F1. im a huge Mclaren fan but damn this is ugly

Julio Paulino says:

Chris Harris you are a mad first of all in my opinion the speedtail McLaren is an acquired taste because of its styling,it's different but in no way shape or form a beautiful looking is not " quote" gorgeous as you is simply an acquired taste…and please don't insult the other super cars companies out now by calling there cars rubbish… McLaren is producing wonderful beautiful sport cars and and doing some innovativng things, interms of the styling of there cars..but they will Never be able to walk in the foot steps of the Ferrari legacy…

Sam M says:

England must be, and should be so proud to have this very special motor/engineering company, what amazing cars……love it.

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