Christian Von Koenigsegg Driving His Regera!!!

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During the Monterey Carweek I recorded this INSANE Koenigsegg Regera!

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Carspotter Jeroen says:

Check out the Koenigsegg Regera with additional aero package!

J Rod says:

The back looks ugly!! Just saying.

NexisFilms says:

Back looks kinda shit …

Joni Ahokas says:

This Regera is for sure best looking modern car! Just stunning!!

Tango Hendrix says:

I swear I love seeing that ghost on the back

Antony Haley says:

awesome car
awesome car

MAIL says:

Lorsque tu te gare sur une place de supermarché, pour faire tes courses,
et que deux véhicules viennent te serrer à ras, comment tu entre dans ta caisse… ?!?

Leit says:

I dont like those rims tbh

Reynold Mondestin says:

I getting one

Affan Hermieda says:

Biohazard Rims

Rose KnowItAll says:

Lamborghini… what that?

Adam Sargeson says:

Those wheels ooze excellence

TheTerminator1919 says:

Boring…wouldn't consider it a driving video

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