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Citroën DS5 vs Peugeot 508 SW (English Subtitled)

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Als doorsnee gezinspapa of -mama word je natuurlijk heel blij van een praktische auto als de Peugeot 508 SW. Maar hoe blij blijf je als je van de geijkte keuzes afwijkt en zo’n flitsende Citroën DS5 voor je deur zet? Michiel en Roland bekijken de praktijk!

Meer video’s: http://www.autoweek.tv

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Don Lou says:

Is DS5 Goed genoeg auto voor Uber als taxi rijden.
Graag wat is het beste past als Taxi tussen Toyota Pruis wagon 1,8 2013 of DS5 2013?

TheMrBennito says:

keurige huisvrouw, geen ananas?

The Stig's English cousin says:

Why does nearly every road tester criticise the DS5 suspension? Maybe some people (like me) prefer a firm setup…

kevin hickin says:

read the manual……it doesn't need the key to open the boot. there is a switch

Guy van Nifterik says:

Wat een prachtding is de DS5 toch ook

Marco Galindo says:

Well I would have the Citroen it looks better and will probably be more reliable than the peugot ?

XU10J4R says:

It is nice that you have subtitles in your videos, it pisses me off, when I see an review of a car I would like to know more about, written in English, and then they speak spanish or something like that, almost everybody understands english so thank you 🙂

Sherukka says:

Newsflash! They 'fixed' the suspension now! Everybody go out and drive the tuned suspension, I thought it was great now! A lot more comfortable than for example the new VW Passat (many steps more comfortable).

Mo B says:

Hij Is in elkeauto te groot of te dik afvallen bolle

nemanja milosevic says:

DS5 is based on C4, so you should compare it with 308SW!

Jan de Boer says:

Beide wagens zien er goed uit. De DS5 is mooier. 2 jaar geleden stond ie op onze camping in Frankrijk en was meteen verkocht. Maar als je een gezin hebt dan is een 508 interessanter.   

microxstephn says:

You have to turn the captions on on the video… support.google.com/youtube/answer/100078?hl=en

GPlinthon says:

Very tall. And I am glad Citroen did not compromise that beautiful design just to make hyper-tall people sit comfortably in the back.
Let us face it : tall people sitting in the back is a non-issue, unless the car is destined as a taxi (the case of Mercedes, BMW, Audi). It is the driver-owner that matters, not the occasional tall co-passenger in the back of the car.If you have underage children they will fit, if they are adults, if not driving already their cars, they will rarely enter in yours.

Iñigo Serrano says:

Where are the subtitles?

Rapscallion2009 says:

Good review. I wish that the UK "Top Gear" reviewed cars as well as this. Having driven both cars, I know exactly what they mean. The 508 is very capable, and a great car. The DS5 is much more stylish. Which is best for you depends on your priorities. Or you could save yourself a bunch of cash and buy a 3008. But they're all nice cars in their own way.

Prasaden Menon says:

French played the English again..where da f are the subs???!!!

Mike Marissen says:

er zit wel een knop voor de achterklep. bij de kenteken lampje. het is rven zoeken maar hij zit er echt.

Yousef Salameh says:

how tall is the man sitting behind in the ds5

gabrielirlanda says:


papounaki2612 says:

actually 2011

lingesh roger says:

man, you god dam tall!!!

1WinCops1 says:

DS5 – 2013 , 508 – 2009/2010 .. Peugeot rulezz!

Simone Willemse says:

een crossover met een station vergelijken… wat een stell idioten zijn jullie, geen wonder dat er meer piswater kratten in een station passen… ga terug naar jullie 50+ peugeots prutsers

niksarass says:

No, nowadays modern cars bring a lot of luxury/security stuff as default, like ESP GPS display 230v plugs ASR radars tons of airbags audio systems, electric engine to open windows larger wheels larger rims etc etc

1.5 ton is the minimum weight for a car of this category today. Hell, the 406 was already around that weight 10 years ago…

Gerben Wijnja says:

Fact or opinion?

Gerben Wijnja says:

Weet iemand welke muziek dat is van 0:52-0:59 ?

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