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Club Day: Venom F5 – Stage 1 & Total Costs – Hennessey Venom F5 – Real Racing 3

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Intro and total cost 0:00
Stage 1 Goal 1 1:00
Stage 1 Goal 2 2:32
Stage 1 Goal 3 3:54
Stage 1 Goal 4 5:37

Car to win: Hennessey Venom F5

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Nogard says:

So, this is impossible to get?

Daffaa Ahmad says:

I really felt that this car can broke 300mph easily

dA nA says:

It gets absurdly unreal. No more Real racing

Pedro Sevilha says:

if i skip the stages or just upgrade how much of the total gold costs?

MedicenAndrew '-' says:

Si o no todo el mundo chocó en la primera curva😂😂

Stanislav Undzhian says:

Top Driver but Pay to Win Game and you need lots of Real Money. 🤬

Tarek Tarek says:

Hello dear friend, how are you …. Please tell me how I can get money or gold in the racing game … Do you have a Facebook account to be my friend? Thanks

Nabil Rahman says:

I’m at level 33. Do I wait for the next HyperCar event since that this one is really expensive?

SchwuppDieWupp says:

So to get this u have to spend atleast 445 gold and 2.1 mio R$ to have the min PR at all stages?

motero4648 says:

WTF! Much gold!!

PD. Wong says:

All LV3(445 gold) can get the "Jet" is too worth for it!!

Josh Halder says:

Bro plzzz give me some tips on how to complete stage 4.4……I am stuck here for 3 hrs…..

Hassan says:

unbelievable how fast this car is (new fastest car in-game lol). I just hit 300 MPH for the first time in RR3.

Amandeep Sharma says:

DAMN that's FAST 🔥🔥🔥🔥 need to gather gold 🥺🥺

ᴀᴄᴜʀᴀむた says:

RR3 Speedmaster also kissed the wall in Daytona(・∀・)

Same thing of what happend to me

BlueFlag Alpha says:

the handling looks very strange

Carlos Yahir Cigala Fragoso says:

what is the RS and gold needed to get the car? Please help me, I would appreciate it very much.

Robert kraus says:

This is a fast car.

mathavann saravanan says:

real racing is giving free bugatti chiron paints guys

Ivan L says:

I have a feeling that this event will be quite difficult as well because from my experience. Many events for 400+ km/h hypercars are very hard like the Agera RS, Venom GT and the Chiron Sport.

野田優穂 says:

WOW! stage3no!😂

Riccardo Medici says:

Stage 3 skip 93gc? I hope that is a bug

Yosuke Loner Racer96 says:

This car after fully upgraded need to be smart drive…coz' its very slippery if u late braking…

Roland Ong says:

Damn. That car is s*** f***** fast. But it is expensive to upgrade and i do not have a lot of gold and r$. But, i will wait for the jesko.

Michael Pedrosa says:

Man, is your game bugged?

David Silva says:

lol F5 and ssc tuatara + 500 km/h

YB says:

Are the last upgrades gold ones?

Luis Angel Zarza says:

Not working anymore after update, crashes on loading screen 🥺, some help?

Thiago says:

F A S T like a dragon wen you lose the grip for 2 s

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