Club Day – Venom F5 – Stage 1

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My standard race settings are Tilt B, Sensitivity 2, all assists off.

0:00 race 1
1:27 race 2
2:09 race 3
3:22 race 4

Real Racing 3


민양기 says:

The last goal of this stage seems to be kinda glitch actually.

pened says:

How come I dont have this?

Gabriel Kanja says:

Hello I downloaded this game yesterday . What can I do to get resources.
The game currency
Am currently playing GP

Juan D Atristain says:

I find it quite funny the devs knew this car would take us unaware and 90% would smash it against a wall on the first goal, so they did put a Norm dialogue acknowledging we did just exactly that

Sniperman300x says:

0:53 That should be ur new profile pic

Sniperman300x says:

0:51 flashbacks to Michael McDowell's 2008 Texas crash in nascar

Αυγουστινος Μπουρας says:

The game is not Play After Update Version.

lego man says:

In the update vid your weren’t kidding about it being a beast

A J says:

No more ghost nitro ☺

Adriel Njie says:

ME7 is it inposible to give cars away

Gabriel Walker says:


Robert Cicilia says:

The gold rewards for completing this event are just utterly pathetic compared to the price.

Felopatir Frahat says:

It is like rocket it's very fast

Avi Garg says:

at 0:53, the car be like:: why only drift, let's lift😂

RealRacing3 - Indside the cockpit - 13 Andresen says:

That car is just crazy😆

Avi Garg says:

could you pls tell me when to buy the car, I have 3 million dollars and only 25 gold, should I wait for the sale?

Avi Garg says:

you mean re installing the game by restarting?

Adam Ziaja says:

Po aktualizacji 9.3 gra nie włącza się z włączonym WiFi,POMOCY

Edward Jackson says:

Oh my God,
This car is very, very fast, it is faster than the high-speed rail.😳

Satvik Krishna says:

The right Challenger for the game.

Don Random says:

The game keeps stopping before I even get in! What's happening?

Yosuke Loner Racer96 says:

This car is lil bumpy…

Tharusha Fernando says:

1:10 that's why you need a special certificate for even buy that car IRL….😂

Rutu Kedar Bhagwat says:

How r u man?

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