Club Day – Venom F5 – Stage 3

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My standard race settings are Tilt B, Sensitivity 2, all assists off.

Race 1 0:00
Race 2 3:06
Race 3 5:11
Race 4 8:10

Real Racing 3


Viriya Marhan Cunis says:

I just realised that there's an indonesian word at 3:06 "gratis" which in english translated into free 🤣🇮🇩

YAL HAS says:

After the last update I can't even open the app still continues to crash

BibaGuyPerson says:

I feel absolutely scammed out of this event, solely because of race 4 in this stage 🙁 the difficulty spiked so much and I can't catch up to Magnus regardless how accurate my braking points and turns are

BibaGuyPerson says:

Race 4 is really grinding my gears, I can't understand how you chased Magnus in lap 4. The earliest I can get to him is just before lap 5

Brennan Jarrett says:

I can't be 136 it's impossible the one where you have to do it under 136

Emmanuel Tayao says:

Already have the car, last stage is easy, Magnus and you one on one.

Real Racing Pro says:

when you fully upgrade it do a top speed run at Le Mans

BSA _13 says:

You are correct ME7, R$ are not a priority for many players. I’m not looking at my R$’s at this point I know I have more than I ever can use and thats that 😄 but how much gold it will cost you is a good think to know😉

Tharusha Fernando says:

It handles very well under 300kmph….

spiderbhyd3 - says:

Is it a recommended pr event?


is half a tyre on track on track or off track?

Vegas Warped2604 says:

no, please do total up of your race earnings. it helped me so much and you are an amazing driver, youtuber and for sure, everyone feel the same as me.

Mun Zil says:

Is this an easy event?

the toneknob says:

you're on stage 3 and im still waiting for an update! kindle fire gets no love! theirs also a an issue with my gas pedal and breaks vanishing wen i touch another car or cross the finish line! also it happens on long straightaways! its not my device! its the game also wer a race begins i have no gas or breaks for a second witch is so frustrating on time trials!

Stallen Joseph says:

If we loose an event than rr3 should give an another chance like extension of an lost event for 1 day or less it would be great
@ME7 can you please talk about this with rr3 team
Thank you 🙏😍😘

Lakshjeet Ghai says:

Bro can u just friend me and give me some credits I need to buy the konissegg regera for me lol😂😂

Lakshjeet Ghai says:

Love u Man U play so well and nvm u an just win this car without playing any race.just need to skip it lol😂😂

Josh Halder says:

Guys can you give me some tips on how to complete stage 4.4????

Игорь Киселёв says:

На 4 испытании вылетела игра и не запускается.

reXXi26 says:

Need only one word


Chris Azarfar says:

Hey man are you gonna play the racing master beta? if you do it will be nice to make video
And tnx for all the tips

Racing Nerds! says:

I can play without assist on the laptop

ALEN c Francis says:

It's really a beast

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