Club Day – Venom F5 – Stage 4

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My standard race settings are Tilt B, Sensitivity 2, all assists off.

Race 1 0:00
Race 2 3:04
Race 3 6:08
Race 4 8:17

Real Racing 3


Mukhtar Shaikh says:

when I start stage 4.3, how much the try, the car is doing donuts…i dnt knw what to do? plz advice

hakosuka says:

"How is your car running?"

Robert Cicilia says:

Question: How do I get another one and two thirds lap out of this one?
Answer: By driving in reverse…

Courageous Cuber says:

I overheated too, and still passed the stage… strange. I'm enjoying driving the f5 now though 🙂

ᏟᏒᎬᎪᏆᎥᏉᎬ ᏞᎾᏉᎬ • รɦαყ ɳαรɦเѵ says:

Thx dude!!! I tried it several times then i said lets go check Me7 😁💚👍

Thunderage says:

I went "Mater Mode" with this race and drove backwards through half of it to finish the laps. Took 8.5 minutes 😬

Juan D Atristain says:

The dialogues say that: a) Norm didn't want you and Eric to risk crashing the car in a proper track test because his workshop is not doing well, can't afford a repair job as expensive as the F5 would require, and he needs the money from selling the Hennessy (hence why you go so slow in Stage 1). b) Eric finds a loophole on the insurance papers that say that IF the mechanic thinks it's completely necessary, the car can go to a test track and any damage is insurance covered (hence why we arrive at Indianapolis). and c) In said track test Ahmed invites you to this race where a big prize money is involved, and without consulting Norm or approval from Eric you go and compete in that race, but then without a race engineer like Eric telling you when you're pushing the car too much, you break the steering and overheat the engine, losing the race and terminally damaging the car, hence why you don't get to finish the last race.

Just as a bit of constructive criticism, you should take a bit of time reading the dialogues in the special events as you record these guides, at least to me it's a bit odd to see you having so much knowledge about the game mechanics but being clueless about lots of story pieces about these events lol

Goat is 16 HP says:

Can you link the Venom GT video please

geibet meiger says:


Xiao Cheng He says:

I don't get why it passes on over heat

Artur Ratošňuk says:

Ok I went backwards in 4th stage ;]

Aris1956 says:

For me, this car definitely has no grip. It slips out very quickly.

Bobo vieri says:

WE want in 2022 , ME7 and Lewis in F1. Valtteri you are fired😃😃😃.

Guilhem Coletti says:

SOOOOOO… I overheated the final event, and when I stopped, I won the event…

Yeah right

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