Club Day: Venom F5 – Stage 5 & Total Costs – Hennessey Venom F5 – Real Racing 3

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Intro and total cost 0:00
Stage 5 Goal 1
Stage 5 Goal 2
Stage 5 Goal 3
Stage 5 Goal 4
Stage 5 Goal 5

Car won: Hennessey Venom F5

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Youngster joey says:

I don’t understand that stage at 4:13
Finish at least with average speed of 284.9?? Tried 100 times but failed

yog28 says:

I did it in last entry day. This event is easy even for me. Thank You Speedmaster! 😎💪

JB Gor says:

Not going to spend a single penny to the money ripping off EA and FM.

gunay agarzaeva says:

Шахин это ты

Asif Nawaz says:

I dont even have that rs that a single stage costs 🙂

Lusaduma Mata says:

Can I win it without gold upgrades?

Mehmet Hakan Yıldırım says:


Пантэрла says:

If it is will be perpetual endurance, show me please, thanks for videos

Invictus YT Gaming says:

The problem of this car is loose of traction

Appledood says:

You're missing an e in Hennessey so your hashtag might not work the best

Melvin J.F Rembet says:

I'm kinda disappointed in this event. It was too easy, the car is the fastest car in rr3. It deserves a more challenging event, not too hard just more challenging

Evan Dinh says:

Congrats for winning the new king of RR3!

Paul Rademaker says:

Am I really first?

Paul Rademaker says:

Thanks for another great video! Still wondering if I should spend so much gold for this car, or save it for later..

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