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Club Day – Venom F5 – Stage 5

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My standard race settings are Tilt B, Sensitivity 2, all assists off.

Race 1 0:00
Race 2 2:46
Race 3 6:16
Race 4 9:42
Race 5 14:17

Real Racing 3 https://www.ea.com/games/real-racing/real-racing-3


D.Warrior1. X-s says:

It's exactly as the mclaren f1 brakes

Heri Eystberg says:

Is it worth getting this car if you have just about enough gold and can grind your way to the silver? I am 40% of the way through it, have made the first set of upgrades. Just had a lot of trouble beating the race at COTA since I'm not used to the track. You made it look so easy.

George Mkhantshiwa says:

Guys please help please I can't pay for the up grades please like what should I do I am at stage 2please

Alice Bellavance says:

It’s sad how I cannot afford to beat the special event to get it I wish I could

Car Guy says:

So how can I hack this game?

Tony the wood artist says:

Really enjoyed this one n did it straight through, as soon as I watched your vids! Thanks for all your tips ME7 ✌️

Sunil Hegde says:

For those guys who are not participating in this race because of lack of currency, here’s a consolation prize:

If you haven’t already done it, you can complete the “Ultimate Velocity” achievement that gives you 15 Gold Coins for driving a car at 402 kph (250 mph) just by playing stage 1.1 in this series.

Rocket says:

Is 2.1 million the total upgrades or only the required ?

Noah Hopkins says:

How do you get so much currency? Please respond:)

George Eighmy says:

It is Tuesday March 23 @ 6:30 pm New York time and My software has not updated….. Is there a way to manually update my software?

Chris Wnek says:

i just noticed that you're a billionaire in game!

Cameron Wallace says:

Sigh… My game is now broken after the update to 9.4 so I can't play… Keeps crashing during the load screens… Tops my day off

Michael Scofield says:

I made 5GC out of this series 😅 better than none 🤣

Don Random says:

Some cars can exceed 400 kph. Like the average Bugatti and the McLaren Mp4/x. I call the 400 threshold Light Speed. Few cars can exceed the 450 threshold, like the Koenigsegg and Hennessy Venom GT. I call that… LUDICROUS SPEED.
(For those of you who haven't seen Spaceballs, please disregard this comment)
But now, for the first time in RR3 history comes a car that surpasses even Ludicrous Speed! The brand new Hennessy Venom F5 can go from 0 to PLAID!!1!

Liam McCoy says:

this event is almost the exact opposite of the last one… the volkswagen in the last update was the grippiest car in the game, you could take so many corners flat out, and now you have this venom which is the fastest car in a straight line in the entire game, but it's so hard to get through the corners without smashing a wall or flying off track

hatem aboghalioun says:

gays i find some thing New in endurance mode when you overtake a car the car that you overtake it became so far behind you and stop moving that's help you in R8 lms ultra endurance after the new update 9.3

Kevin Adam Darapai says:

What's the upgrade??

Noah Hopkins says:

I don't have enough to earn it this time. So instead since I have nothing better to do I'll save up 1000 gold for it!!!!!

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