Collecting My Friend’s New PAGANI HUAYRA BC!

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It’s collection time for @gregb.23’s new Pagani Huayra BC so we head to the factory for the handover from Horacio Pagani himself!

I cannot thank Greg enough for the opportunity not only to join him for this special day after two years of waiting, but to have a chance to briefly jump behind the wheel myself for a little drive. This particular Huayra is one of just 20 BCs, and is completely bespoke throughout in Greg’s custom dark green carbon with orange highlights, it is undoubtedly one of a kind.

Please give Greg a follow at – it’s amazing to be able to share this with you.

Thanks for watching, Tim

Music: Jim Yosef – Canary [Creative Commons Music] by Creative Commons Music is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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Kostas says:

PLEASE use some proper camera for your videos!

M.R.I.A says:

Yooooo I’d be nervous as HELL to drive that thing!

A GAME says:

How do you get friends like this?

Doyko Doykov says:

AWESOME PAGANI HUAYRA BC!!!This is my second favourite pagani after the Zonda R!

RW9632 says:

What is that rattle in de pagani?

hello fellas says:

They look like an spider

Salman Ansari says:

No words. Seriously. Awesome colour combination.

N F95 says:

400 thousand kilometres bullshit, surely you meant to say 4 thousand, the Bugatti with the most miles in the world has only 15 thousand miles

357M view says:

The turbo noise makes it ugly af.

Shahmeer Ali says:


Gary James Mayes says:

I had an erection watching this

Devon Carter says:

So how and when you collected this car?

arcHie magno says:

Worth watching

Damian Damian says:

Orgullo Argentino

Lance Uppercut says:

I’m not a huge Pagani fan BUT that car is stunning and I love the colour scheme ????????

NexisFilms says:

– It has a 6 liter twin turbo charged V 12 .. !
– Why is it green ?!…
– It has a 800 Horsepower engine ..!
– But why is it green though .. ?!

ThePaladin5084 says:

Who are these people that can just go buy these beautiful machines willy nilly? No fucks given on that price tag like damn man, help a brotha out

Von Sterner says:

Incredible. Who else heard all those rocks slamming into every piece of bodywork possible on this probably 2.5 million dollar car?

YungAlchemy DDD says:

You're not shmee, shmee died in starwars by the hands of the sand people. Leading to Anakin experiencing hate and taking his first steps toward the dark side

Joseph Twomey says:

Pagani, making nothing but the most beautiful cars for as long as I can remember. However, the fact that they have not gone to dual clutch is inexcusable.

Andreas Fürst says:

i would like to have the zonda with the interior from the huayra….

shelly monroe says:

These cars are great keep it up gets me going nnice!!☺?

Andrew Jones says:

Moose knuckle leather seats?

Frédéric De Beir says:

This car is a wonderful piece of art! Great video again! Thanks Shmee!

Arjuna David Bellino Gani. says:

Pagani president "Horacio Pagani"

Axil Stawski Yazid Bin 'B. son of Arshad says:

New definition of: success = own a Pagani Huayra BC

Axil Stawski Yazid Bin 'B. son of Arshad says:

New definition of: success = own a Pagani Huayra BC

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