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Colt Ralliart vs. 500 Abarth vs. Swift Sport vs. Twingo Sport

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Fifth Gear. (s16e08)
Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart
Fiat 500 Abarth
Suzuki Swift Sport
Renault Twingo Sport

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ace crusader says:

abrath wins all day long its got racing pedigree a swift sounds so stupid

Raghu Reddy says:

Swift sport is lot of fun to drive than Abarth which was fast .

chewie339 says:

Older czt drive better than the new one

kevin says:

twingo is worse than the colt???? hot hatches are about agility and fun not drag races.

sonic grunt says:

Mitsubishi colt is better and always

Aaron Wright says:

Just got the swift sport love it like a go kart

Antoine Collignon says:

Suzuki ? Renault ? I lol'd stupid cars they can't stand the scorpion

Pointless Channel says:

colt is life

Franky Deschamps says:


Will Bennett says:

Abarth is fantastic

kai dragon says:

all of you who disagrees with the colt winning.. you all are purely dumb.. and these 2,men who did this are even more dumb … first of all .. all cars should of been races in ever "event" and had a point system .. and In the end totaled .. that would of made more sense and a fair competition.. plus the colt is easily better and faster.., yes its kinda ugly due to it looking big and over don't but it still looks nicer and is faster in every way than the cars used

jryyy ttrry says:

the mitsubishi colt is the best,…. specifically for the rallyart model?,… with mivec,….?

madjid02 says:

i like colt

Levi's LeatherJacket says:

is it just me or am I the only one who thinks the colt (this version in the video – 3 door facelift) looks pretty decent and nice for a small car? I mean the colt kinda at the front looks like an audi with its grill or a less attractive Evo-x, it seems like a lot of people don't think it looks nice, but what is it that they dont like?

is the mitsubishi colt really that ugly? I mean the older model before the face lift 5 door version isnt nice to look at but compared to the renault, it looks pretty, I personally dont think the swift looks that nice compared to the colt :S

Marten Dekker says:

So Renault is slowest in drag race= drop it…
What a CRAP review

ekim andersom says:

French and italian are both crap, colt is ugly as hell, so Swift if i had the choice.

Caleb Montgomery says:

such crap the colt would win outright ,better suspension ,turbo

Andreas Vartolomaiou says:

Μitsubishi colt ralliart is the best only matter drag race bitches…

ScoutSpyScout says:

Fit the Suzuki Swift Sport with Aftermarket Supercharger and it will wreck the Abarth at the same price

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