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Crash Test: Ford Explorer vs. Ford Focus

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The folks at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash test a 2000 Ford Focus by T-boning it with a 1996 Ford Explorer at 31 miles per hour.

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BrandoTheMando TM says:

Rule 1: wear a helmet while crossing intersection in Ford Focus

warmsignal says:

Ideally, you don't ever want to be hit like that, regardless of what car and especially by something large when you're in something small. This is worst case scenario. It's also why when crossing a four-lane even if with a green light, I always look both ways before going.

Mr. Lava Lamp says:

If those where real people in the focus, they would have been long gone. The driver's head hit the front of the explorer and that would be really bad.

jldude84 says:

Explorer could start up and drive away…poor Focus though. Obviously that first gen Focus is shitty at resisting side impacts.

eblake89 says:

The Explorer held up well but shouldn't the airbags in it have gone off? It was a pretty decent impact.

roseanna salazar says:

If you are driving this ; the car focus for you . Ha ha no foreland the car is no good for shit.lol

JackStrait says:

Im so glad side airbags exist now…

Gonzalo Z says:

ford focus es el auto mas verga que vi en mi vida

ultimatefaceplant says:

Wow, the explorer really put things in focus

Prosto Kventin says:

buy compact car, save fuel, save nature, and kill yourself and your child in car crash…

Head Stirlingite says:

Ford Explorer 1, Ford Focus 0

Sam Tripp says:

Focus is safer than any other car of this age.

Sam Tripp says:

That says one woman was unfortunate enough to get hit 4 times – how do you know it was her fault? A little sexist there I think.

jpnmusic2 says:

Indeed -thx lul

ostertag89 says:

yea i don't think thats any safer there about the same maybe some updates but still a small car and going fast enough with still do damage dj-krush nice pic

Tibby0182 says:

That says maybe she should take the bus

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