Customising my New Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Exclusive AMG One Edition at Affalterbach 2020

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Help me decide on the specification of my New Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Exclusive AMG Project One Edition. As an AMG Project One customer I have the option to customise my AMG GT Black Series exclusively with the Mercedes F1 livery in Silver & Black or just pure obsidian black or could go with a standard colour and get the car earlier. If I go with the AMG One edition, I won’t get my GT Black Series delivered until 6-8 months after the launch of the first standard cars.🙈🙈

So the difficult choice is to get an early standard Black Series or wait for the AMG One edition, 6-8 months later! Therefore I travelled to the AMG headquarters in Affalterbach, Germany to view the car and decide.

I’ll read your comments and decide which option to go for, help me decide!

While I was at Affalterbach I also viewed the AMG Project One again and heard the latest updates on the hypercar. Wish I could tell you all, this car is going to be awesome so watch out for more content coming on my channel.


Aman Kumar says:

Black i would suggest.

Patrick Pelletier says:

I would get the AMG One in high tech silver as you showed in the video. And if you want the exclusive Black Series I would go with the black one

Ian Campbell says:

All depends what year it's delivered.
At the moment F1 Mercedes are all black for end to racism.

Frank Brenner says:

Silver for me. A nice gradiant from the silver to black at the back

Ian Campbell says:

Was that Jezza in the background

Francisco Ribeiro says:

Don't forget the red star for Niki Lauda

chillout1109 says:

It sounds so different to other AMG GT cars.

Miguel Navarro says:

5:36 zero miles on it, both airbags fault warning. Fantastic 😂


Awesome bro 👌

Raphael says:

Silver and black looks more striking then all black.

Efrain Sanchez says:

Can I ask why u don’t show ur face

Dred says:

in stand still sounds worse than a45 lol

Speed champ 45 says:

it sounds like a honda civic

Demonspeed 86 says:

2019 spec ❤️🙌🏼👌🏼🤩😎… Silver & black on both cars, FOR SURE!!

adrich fernandes says:

Silver arrow bro

Karman Bhullar says:

nobody gonna talk about massive grill ?


Guys.. He's gonna spec his car whatever he wants 🤣🤔 he's just asking for your opinions so the higher amount of comments will help with YouTube's algorithm and recommend this video to more people..🤦🏾‍♂️

santafro says:

Looks amazing but I was shocked by those revs 😐

Oscar Bloch says:

Pure black for two cars

Tim Schneider says:

The silver/black one is the only serious opinion for a car like that, the other colours are just too normal.

bumpinjeep says:

Black on both cars. The silver looks too plain. Hell, I would do white with red accents on both. Shout out to Jeremy Clarkson.

Peter Ma says:

make it yellow !

Jay says:

silver ALL day long. makes the car stand out more

Peter H says:

The sound is crap sorry guyz…the end of great super cars has come..😱😕

Brandon Mundahl says:

full black slaps

/// super-D /// says:

ugly mercedes keys, 10 years old keys …

SkyThePetroleGuy says:

Silver feel much better

Jae Leno says:

The wing not good at all

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